5 Zodiac Signs That Try To Control Their Partner

Are you one of the people who tries to control your partner, throws tantrums, is moody and demanding? If so, it might have something to do with your sign!

You might be a difficult person in public, but sweet and caring in private with your partner. Or maybe the other way around. Or maybe and and.

Sometimes when we start to get too comfortable with the person next to us, we like to test their boundaries or maybe we do it uncontrollably.

Although trying to control someone is childish behavior, adults behave this way a lot of the time, regardless of gender.

This behaviour crosses the boundaries of intimacy and is completely toxic to any kind of relationship

Not everyone can tolerate such behaviour, it takes a lot of compassion, patience and care to accept someone who is completely obsessed with control. And not everyone has these qualities!

Sometimes we behave this way because we don’t get the attention we deserve or we feel unappreciated and don’t know how to get what we need from our partner. Other times, being control freaks is a part of our personality and if our partner doesn’t deal with it, we have to decide if it’s worth changing.

Here are the 6 zodiac signs that try to control their partner:

Cancer is sensitive and sometimes takes out their feelings on their partner. If Cancer feels they are not being listened to or getting the attention they need, they will act quite possessive and smothering.

He may be slightly possessive at first, then he pushes the note and wants absolute control over his partner, leaving him confused and unsure about what to do next.

Cancer is so sensitive that it can be quite hard to tell what has triggered such behaviour and what it needs to calm down.

Scorpio is another zodiac sign that feels hurt when they aren’t treated the way they want or deserve to be treated. They may build up resentment but refuse to explain why they are unhappy with their partner’s behaviour.

He also takes out his frustrations on his partner through aggressive and possessive behaviour. No matter what he does to reassure him, it won’t be enough.

If the Scorpio partner does something he doesn’t like, this zodiac sign will take over his life and try to control him at every turn.

It will invade his private space and be downright suffocating. The downside is that this happens quite often, as he will demand things from his partner that he can’t give him.

Patience is not something Aries excels at. He is impulsive and will sometimes do the worst things to his partner. He might feel bad for what he said or did right away, but he won’t learn and next time he’ll do the same.

Aries is very stubborn and when he doesn’t get what he wants willingly, he will make sure he gets there. He is sensitive to his own feelings, but forgets to consider his partner’s.

He becomes obsessed with control and his every move, invading his space and life in his quest to get what he needs. By force!

Geminis can get bored easily and this is especially true when they are in a relationship. They are impatient with their partners and then become frustrated if they feel they are not getting what they asked for.

When there is a problem in the relationship, Gemini might accuse their partner of not trying hard enough or not caring.

They can be very possessive, nagging, angry and short-tempered, complain and treat their partner like a child in order to manipulate them.

When a Taurus is frustrated, they may cause a scene with their partner in public and then leave without even finding a solution. When his partner accuses him of being insensitive and behaving bizarrely, he will turn the whole thing against him.

There are times when his partner tries to express his feelings, but Taurus blocks them. This individual tends to believe that he is always right and, the person he loves disagrees with him, it is clear that she is wrong and not him.

He behaves toxic especially in public because he is driven by a sense of shame and does not want to appear weak in any way. He wants to lead the discussion, make decisions for both of them and dictate their lives, making his partner his slave.