Secrets To Smelling Good: 5 Simple Tips To Smell Good In All Circumstances!

How to get rid of unpleasant smell?
Closet air fresheners
To make your home and the spaces where you keep your clothes pleasant smelling, we suggest using wardrobe fresheners. They can be bought in shops or made yourself. If neither the first nor the second option suits you, you can leave a few cinnamon sticks or dried orange peels in your cupboard, so that the famous line “your smell like orange peel” will have a direct meaning.

How much perfume to wear? Choosing the right perfume
As a rule, when it comes to choosing perfume, each of us has 2 choices: either continue to buy cheap eau de toilette, which wears off quickly and has a superficial effect, or choose a recognized brand with a persistent and long-lasting, and most importantly, fine and subtle fragrance. Don’t go overboard with the fragrance! A small amount, applied from a distance, is more than enough for a discreet and alluring aroma.

Washing clothes properly
Yes, laundry smells nice after washing, especially if you use a quality conditioner and a proper rinse schedule. But clothes don’t have to smell like detergent. So we recommend you let them dry without using fabric softener for rinsing, or rinse them twice and let the air fresheners or orange peels in the cupboard do their job.

Get rid of smelly sweat
Moist, hygienic wipes can help you get rid of the pungent smell of sweat that can take you by surprise in most circumstances, especially when you don’t have the option of taking a shower.

Deodorant for excessive sweaty feet
Deodorant foot spray is a real lifesaver, especially in winter when your feet are particularly sweaty and you’re off visiting family and friends for the holidays. This product doesn’t leave any marks on your clothes or even harm allergy-prone skin