Why do we love someone to the point of madness?

Are there days when your other half drives you crazy? You wonder why you are together at all? In a while the emotions subside, the rage passes, and you know that you still love your partner the most in the world and can’t imagine life without him. Why does this happen? We present some non-obvious reasons!

You are transmitting on the same waves
You understand each other without words and broadcast on the same waves. You can tell each other everything and confide many secrets. There are no secrets and taboos between you. You are not only lovers, but most of all friends.

You make each other laugh to tears
You often laugh together and have a similar sense of humor. You are at ease with each other, relaxed and content with life.

You accept each other
You accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses. You know about all your quirks, flaws and weaknesses. Even if you sometimes don’t understand each other, you fully accept each other and don’t try to change each other by force.

You can trust each other
You know that you can fully trust each other. You are honest and truthful with each other, you are not interested in games and lies.

You respect each other’s space
Although you are together and love to spend time in each other’s company, you give each other space. You develop yourselves, pursue your passions and interests. You know how important it is to maintain a little independence and privacy in your relationship.

You can count on each other
You can count on each other whenever needed. Your partner is your support during difficult times. He is always next to you and you feel safe with him.

You have time for you
You always find time for each other, and on top of that you love to spend moments just the two of you. You are never bored together and value the time you spend together.

You take care of each other
You take care of each other, show affection to each other and emphasize how much you mean to each other. You feel comfortable with each other, are happy together and can’t imagine life without each other.

You are an inspiration to each other
You act on each other so that you both want to be the best possible version of yourselves. You inspire, motivate and encourage each other.