Korean Beauty: The Beauty Secrets Of Korean Women

Poreless, plump porcelain skin – that’s what my dream skin looks like and that’s exactly how I would describe a Korean woman’s skin. Even and well moisturized with the perfect glow. It’s not for nothing that many beauty trends come from Korea, where women are blessed with eternal beauty. But what are the beauty secrets of Korean women?

In search of the holy grail, the current Korean beauty trend, of course, does not pass me by. But why are Asian women leading the way when it comes to facial care and what makes it different from our grooming ritual? I have studied the subject intensively and have been infected by the Far Eastern beauty ideal.

No wonder Korean beauty products and secrets are so hyped. Many innovations come from there. One of them is the BB Cream, which was invented in South Korea in the 80s or Sheet Masks, fermented care and the “BB Cushion Compact Creams”.

The Korean beauty ideal says – less make-up, more skin care. Well thought out, because it is easier to pimp an even skin with a light make-up than to hide an impure skin behind a thick layer of foundation.

Basically, the Koreans have a point, because preventive care is also an investment in the future. So one of their secrets is prevention. You can prevent wrinkles, pigmentation spots and redness in good time – all problems can be remedied or prevented from arising in the first place with a care routine tailored to your needs.

Koreans are known for their distinct beauty culture. Their daily ritual includes the oh-so-famous 10-step system – for one or the other European unthinkable to invest so much time and money for it, but the Asians take it exactly and get even from the last and smallest pore the dirt, so that the skin can absorb all the important nutrients.

But how are these 10 steps structured and which products we may not even know here?

Step No. 1 Pre Cleanse:

This prepares the skin for the actual cleansing and removes makeup first. Koreans use oil-based cleansers for this. Oil combines with oil and thus better removes sebum from the pores. With us, the Double Cleanse trend has also already landed and fortunately there are various balms and cleansing oils or you just reach for the good old coconut oil like grandma.

Step No. 2 Cleanse:

With a mild cleanser, you then remove all other residues, such as sun care.

Step No 3. Exfoliation:

This step is not done daily. If you have enlarged pores, you only exfoliate the “affected” areas daily, otherwise you apply an exfoliant to the skin once or twice a week and massage it in. This will remove dead skin cells so that the skin regains more radiance.

Step No 4 Toner:

Korean toners are different from the ones we know. They are mild, moisturizing and come without any alcohol at all. The toner regulates the pH level and prepares the skin for the next step, which is skincare.

Step No. 5: Essence:

This step is rather unknown to us, some beauty addicts already practice it, but most already get out here. The nourishing concentrate stimulates the cell renewal process and the production of the body’s own hyaluronic acid and have a positive effect on the moisture balance of the skin. This step, along with the Double Cleanse, is one of the most important steps in the Korean beauty rituals.

Step No 6 Ampoule:

We know it as serum, a thick liquid rich in highly concentrated ingredients and vitamins. The function of a serum can be quite different, depending on the need, it provides the skin with an extra portion of hydration, fights blemishes or smoothes or minimizes wrinkles. As with the Essence, the product is massaged into the skin until it is fully absorbed by the skin.

Step No 7 Sheet Mask:

Ok, not so new to us anymore are the Korean sheet masks, soaked in even more vitamins and nourishing ingredients for plumping skin. This mask is used twice a week for 15 to 20 minutes. It improves the absorption of moisture and can also counteract hyperpigmentation.

Step No 8. Eye cream:

Do we Europeans fortunately already know and should not neglect after so many steps – which cares for the sensitive skin around the eyes. Use your ring finger to pat the cream into the delicate eye area.

Step No. 9 Moisturizer:

Only now is the moisturizer applied. The day care protects against environmental influences, the night care provides it with proper moisture as if there were no tomorrow.