8 Things You Want To Know About Your Partner – But Are Afraid To Ask

How many people your partner has slept with
Some of us are crazy curious and want to know how many our partners have actually been with – but we’re afraid to ask. Because when we think about it, do we really want to know?

Who your partner has been in love with in the past
Loving someone who has loved someone else in the past can be a bit tricky. You want to know and are genuinely curious about who your partner has loved in the past – but asking the hard question isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Your partner’s worst secret
That secret that’s so dirty, embarrassing, funny or just plain weird. You want to know everything about your partner but asking can feel scary – as you don’t know what the answer will be.

What’s written in your partner’s group chat with friends
Okay, this is one thing that can be crazy scary but also crazy fun and interesting. What does your partner actually write with their friends in the group chat? How does he explain your fight.

If your partner is bothered by something you do
Communicating is of course essential in a relationship, but some things we keep to ourselves. Even if you avoid telling your partner certain things, you’re crazy curious about what you do – that makes your partner really upset.

All questions about the future
If you haven’t been together for a while, talking about children, weddings, retirement and other future plans can be a bit stiff. But, you want to ask the question: am I the one you want to marry?

What your partner gets up to in their fantasies
We all have fantasies, and that’s perfectly fine. But isn’t it fun, exciting and scary to think about what your partner actually does in their fantasies?

How your partner would describe “their type”
Your partner is bound to describe you – but we all know that’s probably not true. Because how often do you actually meet someone who is “your type”? Like never.