How to deal with a man’s indifference?

For the past few weeks, you have fallen under the spell of this man. Unfortunately, he seems not to be interested in you at all. You have been in a relationship with a man for a few weeks, you have fallen madly in love with him, but it seems that this is not a shared feeling. This man is acting totally the wrong way in the face of your attempts to seduce him. He is insensitive to your approaches, to your efforts, in short in everything that concerns you. As time goes by, this transparency risks piercing your pride. You will feel exceeded in front of this detachment. But if you really want to save your couple or succeed in catching its heart, you must find a solution to this situation. Here is a guide that will help you face the indifference of a man.

Understanding the reason for this indifference

Before you even begin any action, you must understand why this man is so indifferent to you. If despite most of your attempts to seduce him, you are still the only person he is very cold to you, you can immediately understand that he is not interested in your advances. Even if it hurts a lot, indifference means what you fear. A man who has been cold as ice from the beginning is just a man who doesn’t want you in his life.

If he used to be very close to you, but in time he began to drift away, you have to look for the reason why he behaves this way. But be aware that a man may seem more detached than a woman. It’s not that he doesn’t act in the same way as you that he doesn’t appreciate you. Maybe he’s going through a rough patch. First of all, therefore, it would be important to understand the real reason for his indifference.

But this behavior can also come from you. If you’re always hitting on him when he hates this type of woman, if you’re always telling him about your ex, if you’re always yelling at him, it’s perfectly normal for him to act this way. He may also have tried something before, but you didn’t care, so he tries to return the favor. Either way, try to find out what’s wrong. And to do that, you have to understand your own mistakes.

Seducing an indifferent man: bad idea?

Is the man you’re in a relationship with or the man you’ve been coveting for a long time indifferent? You’ll quickly guess that this will hinder the rest of your relationship. If you are still in a stage of seduction, you will have great difficulty in conquering his heart. But to deal with this indifference, you have a choice: either you go to him all the same, or you decide to leave. Here, we adopt the rule of “run away from me I follow you, follow me I run away from you”.

If you’ve already gone through the first step, which is to ask him what’s wrong, and he’s already explained to you the reason for this indifference, try to work on it. For example, if he thinks you’re too jealous, try to be less so. If he feels that you give all the men who talk to you a chance, try to make him understand that they are just friends. Once you’ve managed to let go, you’ll see that everything will magically work out.

Sometimes this indifference also lies in the fact that you don’t care enough about him anymore. You are often absent, you don’t have much time to devote to him, you don’t bring him the same interest as before, etc. But whatever the reason, it is imperative to react to save your couple. If you have to face this situation, the best thing to do is to find the means to win back his heart. Besides, you should never have stopped doing it. Go back to being the woman he thought was funny and caring.

But in some cases, this indifference replaces the words they don’t dare to say to you. If no matter what you do, he always remains the same, maybe it’s because he wants to send you a message? In this case, it is not even necessary to continue to seduce him. Moreover, if you are really determined to leave, he may find you more desirable, since you are no longer at his mercy. Losing you will make him react. But if he lets you go, know that it is a splinter that you are removing from your heart. Why stay with a man who doesn’t want you in his life?

Dealing with a man’s indifference without getting angry: is it possible?

One thing is sure, it is not an easy task. Whether you like it or not, you will always feel annoyed to see that the man you love so much pays no attention to your advances. So how do you react to this kind of behavior? It’s simple, you just have to see if it’s important to continue or if it’s better to let it go. To do this, you can use the tips above as a guide. And whatever the results, you must adapt your action to what follows.

If the indifference comes neither from you nor from a situation he’s going through, reason: he’s just not interested. Therefore, there is no point in getting angry with him. You can’t force a person to be interested in you if they are not. To avoid wasting time, move on. You know, in seduction, there is no guarantee of success. Even the greatest seductresses have had to face failure. And in these situations, the best thing to do is to persevere and save all this effort for another conquest.

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