Life isn’t every day rosy, so at some point each of us may face hardships. When your partner is going through tough times, your help can be perhaps the most helpless for them.

Every partner in a couple carries this big enough responsibility of supporting their partner through the tough times in life. Whether he or she is going through financial or emotional difficulties, or is simply caught in the tentacles of a depression or has suffered the loss of a loved one, no matter what the predicament, the other wants you to stay by his or her side, to support him or her, to help him or her get through and get through the hard times more easily.

Here are some ways you can support and comfort your partner through a difficult time

Accept their vulnerabilities
One of the qualities of strong couples is that both partners embrace their vulnerabilities. Listen carefully, don’t ask a lot of questions, but rather help them to open up, to express their emotions, feelings, fears, without criticizing or judging them.

Opening up to your partner is one of the most precious gifts they can give you.

Help him before asking for help
When the other person is sad or worried, even routine activities become difficult. So help him, take over his responsibilities, even if he hasn’t asked for your help, but without wearing yourself out. Don’t forget that during these times it’s important that you maintain your energy.

Make peace with yourself
When a loved one is suffering, we tend to take their drama upon ourselves, but we also tend to get overwhelmed by empathetic emotions.

It couldn’t be any other way, because that’s how humans are, empathetic beings. But be careful not to upset your inner balance while you still have the strength.

Find solutions
Not all problems have solutions, but in those situations the solutions may be more about how to get through the period more easily. Find activities together that help your partner forget about their worries and pressures.

Perhaps it’s a good time to visit family, reconnect with loved ones or old friends, organise short trips or even a soap opera marathon at home. In this way, engaged in discussions and activities, your partner can distance themselves from their suffering.

Don’t forget the tender moments between you, even a hug can work wonders.

Keep a positive attitude
Even in life’s tough moments, we can find a ray of hope. Optimism helps us to overcome obstacles more easily and pushes us to move forward, to seek our balance. With a little humour and zest for life, we can bring a smile back to our partner’s face from time to time.