Social networks and your couple

New technologies: a great asset in everyday life

There are a lot of people who have Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat. Don’t worry, I’m not here to speak ill of social networks, we follow old acquaintances with Facebook, Twitter allows us to be always up to date with the news we’re interested in and Snapchat… Well, Snapchat is fun. We can also have LinkedIn, the social network between professionals, but since I don’t know anyone to testify about the role of LinkedIn in his relationship, I’ll pass.

It’s easy these days to get in touch with a touch of subtlety. To add that person you like as a friend rather than having that awkward moment where you don’t know how to ask for his or her number. It’s easy to have the image of your boyfriend remotely in front of you, live, thanks to Skype. There was a time when we couldn’t call the boy we liked without our parents knowing: today teenagers have their own phones.

And sometimes, we can even attend beautiful meetings on Twitter, until we learn of the birth of a new couple. Internet is the world at our fingertips, new technologies allow new communication, communication is the friend of the couple and even the friend of the seducers.

Discover too much about the person

But the Internet and new technologies sometimes prove to be harmful. Stalkers (and even stalkers), you who go directly to this person’s Facebook profile to see his Like mentions and check his head from when he was 4 years old, don’t you think it might also be more pleasant to discover this information by yourself, through a discussion, while he learns more about you?

Is it really essential to know the exact location of that boy who caught your eye? To follow too closely the party he posts every minute on Snapchat (even though it’s likely that his party isn’t as great as he’s trying to make it sound, otherwise he certainly wouldn’t be glued to his phone)? Trust is one of the foundations of a couple, but what can you think about it when you can no longer resist checking the identity of each girl in each of his posted photos?

But hey, it’s still practical

Now, instead of wondering if that person you like is in a relationship, a trick on his Facebook can solve this question. Beware though, many are not up to date or choose not to fill in this information, sometimes even forgetting to update it.

SMS is a great tool for flirting, unless you’re an obsessive compulsive (like me when my buddies don’t answer in a second), we rarely bother with an SMS, the person chooses to answer when they want and if they don’t want to chat, you can tell by their lack of follow-up, while avoiding the embarrassing blank that a phone call would have left us with.

Once again, we can still note a nuance: some people are clearly not into texting and will answer you in monosyllables when they appreciate your discussion and you will leave defeatist when you should not. Sometimes worse: you never know in which context your message is read, by how many hands the recipient’s phone will pass through…

Also, it’s a bit suspicious this pseudo prince charming identified on 20 pictures kissing 20 different pretty girls. Yes, being informed is not always a bad thing. Even if no status or tweeting will ever be worth a real face-to-face conversation with your partner.

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