5 Tips To Feel Beautiful, Even If You’re Not Happy With The Way You Look!

Stand up straight and pull your shoulders back!
Correct posture is almost synonymous with elegance. All elegant women stand straight, like swans. Head up, back straight, chin up, shoulders wide – that’s what an elegant, attractive and confident woman looks like.

Scientists have shown that mood influences our posture, but in the same way, posture influences our mood. Sitting up straight – you’ll look more confident, become more confident and look good. Because everyone likes confident women.

Wear clothes that sit well on your body!
Any coat, whether it’s a dress, a jacket or a t-shirt – should sit well on your body. Otherwise, it’s no use standing up straight, you look silly anyway. You can’t show off your sophistication if you wear clothes that are oversized or, on the contrary, too tight on the body. The former kills your femininity and the latter looks vulgar and out of place.

Select clothes carefully, depending on your body type, skin tone, hairstyle and style. Keep an eye on fashion, but don’t chase it. Fashion must be embraced in small portions, otherwise you’ll look ridiculous. Learn to blend contemporary fashion trends with your style and individuality.

Take care of your body!
A well-groomed woman is a beautiful woman. That’s why you need to look after your body like the eyes in your head. I’m not saying go to the salon every day. I mean basic skin, hair and nail care, which every self-respecting woman does.

In fact, your overall image needs to be well-groomed too. It’s not necessarily dressing expensive and fashionable. But your clothes need to be clean, pressed and tasteful, because even a small detail like a scuffed shoe can compromise your whole outfit.

Watch your teeth!
Investing in a bright, healthy smile is better than 10 dresses. It’s enough to visit the dentist twice a year to completely forget about yellowish, unhealthy teeth. A professional whitening procedure is well worth the money.

And don’t forget that it’s a double win: health + beauty. Research has shown that women with bright, white teeth are perceived as more attractive than those with a slightly yellowish tint to their teeth.

You are what you eat
“Let food be your medicine, not medicine your food” – Hippocrates

Although the link between proper nutrition and beauty was discovered centuries ago, many women continue to overlook it. To no avail, because more than half of the problems with skin, nails, teeth and hair are the result of poor nutrition.

First, give up strict diets. They are exhausting for the body and it is scientifically proven that most people who follow such diets gain weight again over the next 12 months. The best diet is high in wholefoods and low in fat, fast food and sweets.

Start by including as much fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, wholegrains, fish and lean meat in your diet as possible. Foods should be added gradually so that the body gets used to such a diet. But don’t forget to diversify your ration from time to time for better digestion.

Don’t skip breakfast, eat at regular times, eat dinner 4 hours before bedtime, avoid fried foods and carbohydrates, control salt, sugar and fat intake, avoid excesses, etc. I’m sure you know all the rules very well, as I do. The question is why don’t you follow them?