Truths you need to know if you want to become a better person!

Everyone has a purpose in life. And very often, we set ourselves a certain deadline, we try to mobilize certain resources to reach that goal. But the problem is that almost no one focuses on the process of reaching that goal! Most of the time, only the goal we want to reach preoccupies us and we totally neglect what we can learn from the journey to reach that goal. For example, after university, we can aim for a certain professional situation within a period of 3 years for example. If this does not happen after three years, we tend to think that we have missed our life. So it’s the goal alone that matters to us.

However, what makes us a better person is not actually the goal we are trying to achieve but rather the journey we take to reach it. We must, despite our trials and tribulations, learn lessons in order to become a better person. That is what this article will focus on.

Do what makes you happy

Very often, our entourage plays a very or too important role in our future projects. Often, we decide to do this or that to reward the hope placed in us by our parents, friends, etc. This prevents us from making our own plans for the future. And when we fail to realize the dreams that these “others” have for us, we feel unworthy of them, we think we have betrayed them. In reality, however, the opposite is true. It is actually us who have been left behind in history.

You have to do things you like. Avoid always wanting to do only what those around you expect you to do. This will get you nowhere. Choose your own path. And once you choose your path, take it even if you make mistakes. The goal is not to be perfect at all costs, but rather to give the best of yourself in what you do.

So, if you still can’t do what you love to do, learn some interesting lessons from your current situation. This will train you for the future. It’s not a matter of focusing only on the goal or giving up when you fail. As is often said, the winners are not those who have never fallen but rather those who have always been able to get back on their feet.

Stop wanting to be someone else

All of us, as much as we are, have an idol or at least a person we admire more than all the others. The mistake most people make is to want to look like that person they admire so much. This attitude is no different from snobbery.

True emulation should not make you want to look exactly like someone you admire. Rather, you should try to do everything possible to make your own dreams come true by drawing inspiration from the person you admire so much. Every person is unique, so it is wrong to want to have the same background as a person, even if we admire him or her.

We must therefore live our own life and not that of another person.

Enjoy every step of your journey

Contrary to what one might think, self-knowledge does not happen overnight or in a flash, far from it. It is the result of a rather long and complex process. People who today have succeeded in their lives, and have managed to assert themselves in society, have not done so in the blink of an eye. It has been the result of a process over a period of time.

This process, which must lead to a given goal, is what shapes us. The experience we gain along a given path is what cuts and polishes the raw gemstone we embody at the beginning of our working life. It is not a matter of going directly from one state to another after a certain time limit that one would have set oneself. Rather, it is about becoming better at each step of our journey, learning from it, and ultimately becoming an exemplary person.

It is therefore important to understand that the secrets of life cannot be revealed in a heartbeat.

Trust the process

The experience you gain is the only way for you to become a better person. There are no quick fixes or shortcuts to becoming a better person. You learn to become a better person little by little.

The lessons of life come to us when we need them, not when we force them. So we have to trust the process and do our best to keep moving forward. In spite of the failures, you must persevere and not give up everything because that is what will make you what you will be tomorrow. Take risks, try new things! Only then will you grow and become a better person!

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