5 Signs That You Are Not With The Love Of Your Life

You bring out each other’s worst sides
Jealousy, malice and annoyance are not three signs that you will last forever.

You don’t appreciate each other
If you’re away at a party or other gathering and wham, the whole evening has gone by without you even looking in each other’s direction.

You avoid talking about big topics because you’re afraid of getting the wrong answer
Maybe you bite your tongue if you know that your partner might actually be a bit keen on studying in another city or just have completely different future plans that don’t involve you. Or maybe you’re the one who does.

You imagine a future together – but deep down you can’t see it in front of you
If you know the feeling we’re talking about, your partner probably isn’t the love of your life.

You’ve tried to break up but always come back to each other
There’s nothing romantic about constantly tossing in and out of love with someone. Sure, you might not be able to be without each other, but you certainly can’t stay together anyway.