5 Signs That You Are Losing Feelings For Your Partner

You no longer enjoy your time with your partner
Do you feel that spending time with your partner isn’t much fun anymore? Then maybe you should start thinking about why. Have you grown apart? Got bored? Are you no longer finding fun things to do? Take your partner out on a date, do something spontaneous, go on a trip! Still not having fun? Well, then maybe the feelings are fading.

You care more about what others think than your partner
Do you make yourself look good in front of someone other than your partner? Or do you get more excited when you get a compliment from a random than your sweetheart? Well, then maybe your sweetheart isn’t your sweetheart anymore.

You don’t miss your partner
Being away from your partner is of course good sometimes, and healthy. But do you ever feel like you’re longing for your partner’s arms? Then there’s probably a reason for that.

Everything is routine
Do you ever stop and think “god I love this person”? Do you feel that your relationship is just routine? Then maybe that spark is fading.

You’re just comfortable
The constant question that we have to ask ourselves a few times throughout life. Are you comfortable or happy? Are you with your partner because “you always have been” or because you live together? Or are you with the person because you are truly happy with them? There’s your answer – whether you have feelings or not.