4 Signs That You Have Trust Issues – And How To Work On It

Many people say that relationships are built on trust. For a healthy relationship, you need to be able to trust your partner or friend to feel safe. Not trusting your partner or best friend can have devastating consequences.

But what exactly are “trust issuses” caused by? How do they occur?
According to experts Anything from physically cheating on your partner, to having a conversation with someone on social media can cause trust to falter in a relationship. It doesn’t matter what happened, it’s about feeling betrayed. That’s why you should get to the bottom of what really happened and talk about it before it takes its toll on your partner, See four clear signs that you have trust issues below.

You’re very insecure
“You can know you’re dealing with a ‘trust issue’ if you find yourself being insecure about your partner,”

Even though your partner is trying to help you become more confident, it’s not working; you still feel like you’re not enough. In this case, you should practice liking and being more confident in yourself.

Your relationship makes you sad and confused
According to experts, anxiety, stress and betrayal usually go hand in hand with “trust issues”.

One tip is to set your own rules and boundaries, what do you feel is okay? Why? Identify your needs, boundaries and expectations and talk to your partner about it.

Everything feels ambiguous and it stresses you out
Are you unsure where you and your partner stand? This means you need to talk to each other and define your relationship.

Your partner confronts you
Sooner or later, your partner will probably bring up the subject and ask if you have “trust issues”. Don’t be afraid then to take it to the next step and seek help.

“Professionals know how to navigate the issues so you can explore where your ‘trust issue’ is coming from, why it’s important to you and how to respect yourself and your partner in order to best move forward,”