7 Obvious Signs That Someone Is Secretly In Love With You

The person always seems to be around you – but never says anything
Now think about it, is there someone close to you who always makes sure to be in the same room and context, but is perhaps a little too shy to say anything?

There’s always a reason for them to get a little extra close
It’s no coincidence that they always want to borrow your charger or headphones. When you’re so madly in love with someone, there’s no better feeling than when your fingertips meet.

They never show interest in anyone else in front of you
Nope, no, nothing.

The person needs help with the simplest things
It’s not surprising that people seem stupid when they’re in love. They want to take every chance they get to have a special moment with the one they love.

They like EVERYTHING you post on social media
Need we say more?

You’re the first person they look at when something funny happens
This is a sure sign that someone likes you. Especially if it happens more than once.

It yawns at everything you have to say
Even if it’s boring, and you yourself might be a little embarrassed by how dry your joke was, the person who is in love with you will crack a smile.