3 Conflicts That Often Lead Couples To Break Up – According To Experts

Couples fight and have conflicts. Those couples who last a long time and have a healthy relationship also fight, and the key is not to not fight – but to identify the conflict and fix the problems before it’s gone too far.

According to experts, there are a few conflicts that are often the cause of break-ups. But if you and your partner spot it early and work it out, there’s a good chance you’ll stay together and have a better relationship.

Conflict after the second or third betrayal
One betrayal gets many relationships through. Although it does a lot of damage and can hurt the person who has been betrayed deeply. But if you manage to move on and repair the trust in the relationship, things can get better again. But trust is harder to build if it is betrayed again, and again, and again. So if your partner, or you, have let the other down more than once, that could be the end of your relationship.

Conflicts over consistent lying
Do you find that your partner lies often? Or do you often lie instead of telling the truth? This could be a sign that you’re heading in the wrong direction. Again, it damages trust, which is incredibly important to a relationship.

Try to get to the bottom of why the lies are coming. Is there a fear of being judged? Or are they lying to avoid making someone unnecessarily sad? Or to deflect jealousy? If you start building your relationship on truth and trust, your love life is bound to feel easier and safer.

Conflicts caused by feelings of ingratitude
One thing that makes people thrive in relationships is that they feel needed and appreciated. If a person in the relationship gives and gives without getting gratitude in return, they can feel unappreciated, which can lead to long-term dissatisfaction.

experts recommends sitting down and talking about these issues with your partner in a quiet moment, not in the middle of a fight. Keep the conversation rational, empathetic and solution-oriented.