How to learn to be a good wife, 8 decisions that a man loves

  • No woman has the advantage of marrying knowing how to be a good wife.

Although most women want to be good wives, very few have the concern to investigate. If you don’t worry about your own education, everything will depend on uncertainty. Besides, advice is not enough.

A good wife is someone who learns to love herself and treats herself well in all circumstances. They all start with their beliefs and many of them are wrong.

The best way to learn how to be a good wife is to consider your results as the fruits of your beliefs. If you don’t like something, you need to change your beliefs and attitudes.

Courage, no woman starts out as a perfect wife, all you have to do is love your new role. From that love you will be able to improve and grow as a wife.

  • Every woman wants with all her heart to be a good wife and a good mother.

How to be a good wife and a good mother? Imagine being the model wife presented on TV. A good heart, good humor and not getting upset when your husband goes out every night with his friends.

But things in a marriage don’t happen like in soap operas. That is, being a good wife according to a prefabricated model is an illusion. In reality all such models can be harmful.

It’s not easy to be a good wife with the kids crying and the husband pretending you don’t exist. Even when everything goes well, there is something to which your spontaneous reaction is not right.

If you are asking how to become a good wife, he is likely to think you are not good enough. Much better is to take life as it presents itself with calmness and good humor.

  • How to learn to be a good wife: Take a breath of self-love.

Who doesn’t lose patience when the kids make a fuss? The house can be a mess and you’re behind on your work. On top of everything else, your husband calls you out for the way you run the house.

It’s not easy to put yourself in the shoes of a woman in charge of her home, husband and children. On top of that he just wants to be served, sit in front of the TV and ask for peace and quiet.

I want to be a good wife. What can I do? The best thing to do before reacting is to give yourself a breath of self-love and acceptance. It won’t do you any good to react abruptly. If you don’t calm down, everything can get worse.

  • Accept that marriage is not a fairy tale and learn to ask for help.

One of the best ways to be a good wife is to accept that there is no such thing as a perfect wife. That is, if you want to be a wonderful wife, accept yourself with all your mistakes and doubts.

Being a good wife means being adept at navigating uncertainty with grace and good humor. The problem is your expectations, things are not as you think. You can also ask your husband for help.

You may think you married the perfect man and will have perfect children, but, it’s not so. Just accept it and don’t try to change it. Just work on yourself, be more tolerant, grateful and get your husband to help you more.

  • Learning to be a good wife means to stop trying to be perfect.

How to learn to be a good wife? Every person has illusions just because they think they know how to think. But deluding yourself without understanding how life works will only disappoint you.

The more you fall in love with your idea of a perfect husband, the harder it will be to find a man to marry. The same with your idea of a perfect wife and perfect children.

Your body will change, nothing will go the way you think, but everything will go the way you do. So the best you can be is a bunch of good habits flowing through life.

  • How to learn to be a good wife and wife: Learn to be happy on your own.

To learn to be a good wife you have to separate what you can control from what you can’t control. What your husband, your children and other people do, you cannot control.

How to learn to be a good wife: You can only control what goes on inside you. Only what goes on in you can make you happy or unhappy and therefore a good wife or not.

What do you love to do? That’s what you excel at as a woman and a wife. Trying to live by some manual will only make you miserable. Write your own manual.

  • How to learn to be a good wife: Take care of the little things in your life.

A good wife doesn’t do everything by herself, she has a husband for a reason. Ideally, there should be a lot of communication in your marriage. The success of that communication is that you make a team.

Smile and greet your husband every morning, share household chores and clarify obligations. Take charge of organizing your home starting with the little things.

As you learn to love yourself and seek to treat yourself with love, you will also give love by doing the little important things. It is those non-verbal details where happiness is found.

  • Learn to take your space and give him his space, avoid emotional tensions.

The best way to learn how to be a good wife is to understand that men and women are very different. They don’t see or understand things the same way.

So what is a big deal to you or a tender detail is not necessarily a big deal to him. To be a good house wife, don’t assume your husband should know. Learn to communicate respectfully and express your perspective.

If your husband comes in angry and doesn’t want to talk, give him his space. Kids need time to process things. He’s not mad at you, he just has things on his mind and is blocked.

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