Eye Contact: With These 6 Tips You Flirt Properly!

Flirting can be so exciting and thrilling. No matter whether in a bar, in the supermarket, at sports or anywhere else. There are umpteen different ways to get to know the person in your heart. But one thing is always the same: when it comes to flirting, eye contact is more than crucial. How you can enchant your crush with a few tips on eye contact, you will learn here.

Eye contact when flirting: These are the best tips!
A look says more than a thousand words. Especially when flirting, looks can speak volumes and create the best conditions for more. Our tips tell you what you should rather leave out when exchanging glances with your crush and how the exchange of your looks can become really hot.

Maintain eye contact
When women hold eye contact, many men like to take the intense eye contact as an invitation for a short flirt. However, this often ends in a rather clumsy pickup line. Therefore, you should never overdo it with your looks if you want to inspire your counterpart for more than just a flirt.

Constant eye contact is a no-go
A lively exchange of glances is just the icing on the cake when it comes to flirting. Therefore, just don’t hold eye contact for too long or too offensively. Some may feel observed by constant eye contact, and that does not go down well at all.

Keep eye contact for a maximum of 3 seconds
Eye contact should not last longer than about three seconds. But as I said before, you don’t want people to think that your eyes just met by chance. Otherwise, there will still be a residual uncertainty in the other person, which will make the other person hesitate.

Hold gaze when eye contact is sought
If the eye contact comes from your crush, then the following applies: Hold your gaze briefly and smile back discreetly while doing so – but again, everything in moderation, just don’t grin too exaggeratedly. This way you show him or her that you have noticed his or her gaze and are also interested. Your promising eye contact can quickly turn into a hot flirtation with prospects of more, especially if large pupils are involved.

Don’t just rely on eye contact
If you really want to show that you are attracted to your counterpart, you should not rely exclusively on eye contact. The exchange of glances and a charming smile alone are often not enough for this. In addition to facial expressions on your face, it also takes other types of body language to send out flirt signals: Gestures and posture. Clear movements, for example, can help break down the first barriers.

Tip: If you are in a group, for example, it is advisable and helpful if you detach yourself from the group from time to time, go to the bar alone and make eye contact with your favorite gentleman while you are doing so.

Eye contact alone is not enough to fully captivate your crush. With our tips, you should now be well informed on how to use your seductive eye contact for successful flirting. If the other person is still waiting despite eye contact, you should interpret the body language and simply take the initiative yourself!