These 7 Things We Can Expect From The Partner

Do you have to reply directly to a text message from your sweetheart? Do we have to see each other every weekend? And who actually pays for a trip to the cinema? Before you can answer these questions for yourself, you must first know these 7 relationship basics:

Everyone expresses affection differently. Some demonstrate it with a loving gesture, others with a confession of love. But what matters most are the small physical revelations: a hug here, a caress there, a kiss here and holding hands there. One should affirm the partner as a whole person and be able to show it in the way he understands.

When one feels uncomfortable – either emotionally or physically – one should feel comfortable with the partner. It should be natural that the partner catches you, is the rock in the surf. He should receive you lovingly – but this does not mean that he has to read your thoughts or suffer with you. It is much more about the fact that he can understand you – and thus responds to you.

A good partner respects you and your boundaries. He does not have to share your personal boundaries – everyone’s boundaries are different – but he should accept them. A respectful partner knows and admires your strengths and is gracious with your weaknesses – without constantly challenging and questioning them.

A considerate partner thinks about how his actions affect you, but may hurt you or do you some good with them. This doesn’t mean he should do everything you want. It means that he is polite to you and makes an effort to consider your point of view in his actions.

Every relationship is based on spending time together. If the partner is rarely with you and is always trying to ration your time together, you can rightly wonder if you want to have this kind of relationship.

It is perfectly reasonable to expect your partner to show more interest in you than the average guy next door. He should be interested in your activities, opinions, thoughts and feelings – not because you want him to be, but because you simply interest him. If there is a lack of interest, it is often an indication that the partner is only in a relationship to avoid being alone – which is a completely wrong approach to a relationship.

A generous partner enjoys helping, reassuring, and finding other ways that are good for you, that benefit you. This is not necessarily about material things or lofty pursuits. Giving yourself completely to your partner is the highest gift, the highest sign of generosity you can give to your partner – and mutually….