The 5 Steps Of Falling In Love

Step 1: The will must be there!
The will to love must be there. Those who are consciously and actively looking for love are more open to acquaintances, dates – and flirting. A new mother, a newly married man or a disappointed single is not very susceptible to falling in love. If you’re ready to fall in love again, you’ll fall in love faster – it can be that simple!

Step 2: The attention must be aroused!
If someone is ready to fall in love and during this period he meets someone who catches his attention, he can lose his heart to him. It doesn’t matter whether the attention is generated passively (e.g. by the other person being visually appealing) or actively (e.g. by the other person deliberately making you laugh). Being in the “right place” at the “right time” can quickly make you the next object of desire….

Step 3: The interest must be there!
Whether it’s a smile, eye contact or a good conversation: as soon as you get the feeling from the other person that he or she is interested even in the smallest way, the next step to falling in love is already done.

Step 4: Keep in mind!
If the potential candidate now disappears from your field of vision for a few hours or even days, your own fantasies have free rein. Daydreams and wishful thinking have time and space to unfold – the person remains present in your thoughts – being in love grows…

Step 5: Let the desire develop!
Desire awakens…further desire. A vicious circle, so to speak. For this, the other person only needs to express his interest again (smile, flirt, agree, touch) and it is already done around us: We are finally in love!