3-day Rule: When Should I Check In After The Date?

When should you get in touch after the first date? And does the 3-day rule really work? We have the answer.
Some do it right after the date, others wait up to three days – when should you get in touch with the other person after a date? Is there a recipe for success? Or a rule that you have to stick to?

3-day rule: Does it really work?
The 3-day rule says that you should wait three days after the first date before contacting the other person – if the date went well. The background: the other person can quickly lose interest if the date partner contacts you directly after the first meeting. That seems needy and desperate. But is that really the case? And if not, when is the perfect time to get in touch after the first date?

The gut feeling is decisive
The topic of dating is very complicated – no question about it. The one, correct solution does not exist and will never exist. That’s why the 3-day rule is almost invalid. While some people find it completely normal to take a few days with their answer, others already think they have fallen victim to ghosting. Especially when it comes to dating, gut feeling and character are crucial. Not every dating rule and every dating tip suits every person.

Stay true to yourself
So if you feel the need to write to the person directly, do so. After all, it can’t lead to success if you pretend from the beginning. If you are in the process of dating the person for life, they will respond – no matter when or how often you write. And if they don’t? Then you’ll have your answer too, and you’ll quickly realize that you would have developed differences in the long run anyway. Especially when we desperately want to fall in love, we often look past points that wouldn’t suit us at all. But with every setback we become even stronger, get to know each other better and know what we want and what we don’t want. So forget about games like the 3-day rule and stay true to yourself.