5 Benefits of Compliments You Didn’t Know You Had

We don’t always realize it, but compliments are just as beneficial for the person who gives them as for the person who receives them, provided, of course, that they are expressed in a kind and encouraging way. Giving a sincere compliment costs nothing, but can change everything, especially if it gives meaning to the qualities of the other person.

But how to make a successful compliment that will be well received and that will be truly rewarding for the person to whom it is addressed? How can we be sure not to miss the point and avoid being clumsy? And what benefits can you get from a well-chosen compliment? We take stock of all the benefits of a compliment that you may not have known about.

How To Give A Compliment That Pleases?

When we talk about a compliment, we obviously think of a sincere and honest compliment, that is to say a deeply benevolent compliment that highlights the qualities, resources and skills of the person as we perceive them. Giving a compliment is simply a way of seeing what is good in the other person without expecting anything in return.

A sincere compliment is therefore to be distinguished from flattery, which is rather opportunistic and insidious. Even though it may be based on true elements, flattery usually exaggerates things to take advantage of the person being flattered in a sneaky way.

A successful compliment must therefore be sincere and, above all, done with the greatest benevolence, with the aim of enhancing the other person’s value and generating positive feelings.

The Benefits Of A Compliment

Create A Positive Atmosphere

Being a source of positivity generates a deep feeling of happiness in the person who is the source of it. Giving a sincere compliment is like sending sunshine to someone and then receiving its rays. It is also a way to be aware of everything that is going well and to bathe in a positive atmosphere.

Have More Harmonious Relationships

Everyone has faults, but highlighting the qualities of others and taking a benevolent look at their behavior helps us to live better with the faults of those around us. This contributes to the development of everyone and allows us to have more harmonious relationships with others.

Boosting Self-confidence

If the compliment is sincere, it boosts the confidence of the person who receives it, since he/she feels noticed, appreciated for what he/she is and that it brings him/her joy. Beyond this somewhat ephemeral effect, a well-founded compliment can profoundly modify the person’s vision of himself by helping him to see his qualities. It is an opportunity for them to see themselves in a more positive and benevolent light.

Become Aware Of Your Resources

This can have a very positive and lasting impact, especially for people with low self-confidence and for children, as it can help them become aware of their resources. It is particularly useful if the compliment highlights a quality that the person did not see in him or herself. Noticing and highlighting a person’s resources and skills in a caring way also encourages them to develop them, especially in children who build on qualities that are noticed and valued by those around them.

Give Meaning To What We Do

Receiving a compliment, even a simple one, makes us feel useful in our work, efficient and competent. It can even allow us to make sense of what we do, since we all need to feel productive and good at our own areas of expertise.

Paying a compliment has many positive consequences, both for the person giving the compliment and for the person receiving it, on one condition: it must be sincere. If the compliment is not taken well, it may simply be because the person doubts the sincerity of the compliment, is afraid of being judged or rejected, and has difficulty believing in the authenticity of the remark because he or she has a suspicious attitude, perhaps because he or she has received a lot of criticism or negative comments during childhood.