5 Tips To Change Your Body Language And Bring Out The Power In You

Get The Smile
Most people will go through their day without a smile. We live by the precept: subway, work, sleep, and we lose our desire to live and thrive. The people who will smile are those who have made the decision to convey light and positive waves. This is a real strength, because we will look at this person and ask ourselves “What is their secret? “. Your smile is your calling card, because you will differentiate yourself from 99% of the people who have lost it. I suggest you try it for a week and you will see for yourself that the smile will change the way you approach your day.

Keeping the Space Open in Front of Your Chest
The idea is to have enough space in front of your torso to make room for your movements and not block your breathing. This is similar to meditation where you need to breathe deeply and be aware of what is happening in your belly. When you have to talk to someone, you should take the time to take a deep breath and feel all the oxygen flowing in your chest. This will help you take a more “dominant” posture, as you will straighten up and take more space. Conversely, people who don’t do this and breathe poorly are the ones who will curl up and look like they are shrinking.

Create Visual Contact
When you look someone in the eye, you create a “connection” between you. If you do the simple test in the subway, you will realize that your interlocutor will look at you and wonder about your intention. Similarly, when you are talking to someone, eye contact maintains a relationship based on closeness and importance. On the other hand, a person who avoids eye contact will be considered shy and more fragile. Eye contact can really help you in the power of your body language.

Managing Your Personal Space
We all have our own personal space. When someone comes close to you, at some point, you feel that they are getting too close and it bothers you. This space is to be managed, because it determines your personal limit not to be crossed. This same space does not or cannot exist for our lover or our family. It is important to be able to manage this space well, because people do not know it and will tend to get too close to you. If you manage it well, you will be able to put a stop or to move back so that the person respects this social barrier.

Your Hands Speak
If you are anxious and constantly touch your hands to reassure yourself, the other person will see that you are not confident. If you look around, you’ll see that hands have their own language. Between people who talk by moving their hands and others who tend to hide them, it’s a good indicator of your personality. From now on, when you speak, try to see what your hand language is. You can then change your hand language to feel more confident.