5 Habits Of A Happy Couples

They don’t forget to pay attention to each other
In the busy/crazy/hectic world we live in, it’s easy to get stuck and simply become too busy for each other. Remember how excited you were when you first saw each other when you just met? And you know, nothing is stopping you from feeling that way all the time. Do little things that make each other happy. Be grateful that you have someone you love and who loves you back. Look at your partner and be grateful that you are together. You are the best thing you have.

They have a date night.
Indulging in a date night together is more common nowadays, don’t we get a little jealous every time we see an instagram picture with the hashtag datenight? Having your own night together is important. In recycling times, we say: recycle your first dates! Let one of you plan the evening (like you did when you just met). Date night will improve your editorial. And while it may feel a little silly, take it all the way: get dressed up, arrange to meet on a street corner, book a table and let the evening be both late and impulsive. Working to keep the spark alive is investing in your relationship.

They really enjoy each other’s company.
Being really close friends with your partner requires their commitment. When you’ve been together for what seems like forever, it’s easy to take each other’s company for granted. Do what friends do: talk about your interests, discuss current events, talk about mutual friends – do the things you do with a best friend. Being best friends with your partner is amazing.

They break routines.
Your relationship shouldn’t feel like a routine. Have you been calling each other at the same time every day for a long time? Do all evenings look the same? If so, change it. Your life as a couple should not become predictable. You don’t want your whole life to feel planned. Be spontaneous and find new, fun things to do together. Surprise each other!

They put their phones away and hang out.
When happy couples hang out, they put their phones away and focus on each other. Unplug when you’re relaxing together. You don’t have to check Instagram every 15 minutes. Not a lot happens on Facebook from one half-hour to the next (no, actually it doesn’t). Your time together is precious, be present and turn off your phones and computers. It will do you good (it would do EVERYONE good).