A happy relationship is like a work of art that you work on every day!

We have grown up – most of us – with the dream of absolute love, “till death do us part.” With the image of a love that suffers, wallowing in pain, going through trials and tribulations before reaching fulfillment, projected in movies, books, magazines. From a purely economic institution, marriage has been elevated to the supreme proof of love. And hence, a lot of expectations and disappointments.

The secret of happiness in love
from my friends in California, who have been together for almost ten years, I learned the secret of happiness in love. Because, after all, what do we want? Longevity or happiness in a relationship? And if we want both, how do we achieve them and with what kind of person?

“We don’t make long-term promises. But every morning, when we wake up next to each other, we renew our vow of love. And we promise each other that on that day, we will be there for each other, love each other and support each other,” says Ai.

This attitude, so different from what society teaches us, pays off. I’ve seen so many relationships where partners take everything for granted and forget to communicate, to be creative, to invest energy and passion in the relationship until it becomes a suffocating routine, where expectations and demands abound. It’s no wonder that, at some point, things come to a standstill and eventually even to an end.

“The universe is in a constant state of transformation. So are we humans. How can they know what will happen in a week, a year or ten?. “It’s closer to the truth and more authentic to live each day as we feel it.”

Allowing your partner to be themselves, without putting pressure on them, creating the comfort in which they can be authentic without fear of being judged or rejected is another secret to a happy relationship that we learned from my friends

A happy relationship is like a work of art that you work on every day, that you embellish every moment with your love, presence, authenticity and joy.