11 Signs That You Are In Love

Suddenly you just know. Right? Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between lust and love, especially in the beginning when the sparks are flying regardless. For those in doubt, read the list of 11 signs you’re in love and see how many you can tick off!

You don’t care about the usual dating rules
Waiting until the next day to get back to you, or letting at least half an hour go by before replying to your date’s text message is completely impossible – you’re head over heels in love and happy to show it too. Wanting to be in touch with your date all the time is a common sign that you’re in love, or at least about to be.

You get butterflies in your stomach when you think about the person in question
Because although this butterflies-in-the-stomach thing is something of a cliché, it’s actually how it feels, isn’t it? When you fall in love with someone, you have a purely physical reaction in your body when you think about him or her.

You can’t wait to see your date’s friends and family
Both to get to know them and to make a good impression yourself. (When you do get the chance, it’s important to be as relaxed as possible; here are some tips.)

You can’t wait for your date to meet your nearest and dearest
You can’t wait to show off this amazing person to your friends and family.

You’ve already started planning your future together
Or maybe you’re making plans together? Planning a future together is another sign that you’re in love. If you’re already talking about moving in together and maybe getting married or even trying to have kids, we’re pretty sure it’s about deeper feelings than just lust and attraction.

All habits are charming
Love, as we all know, is blind. Oddities and habits that might normally be quite annoying don’t bother you at all. On the contrary, you find everything your date says and does super charming. Enjoy it while it lasts, sooner or later the crumbs in the bed and the bunched up socks under the couch will become annoying in the normal way again…

All you need is each other
Fancy dinners don’t feel important anymore. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do it together. The best date is the one where you can talk for hour after hour until you fall asleep in each other’s arms.

You know your date’s feelings
If your date is happy, you’re also full of positive energy. If, on the other hand, your date is a bit down and subdued, you’ll also feel a bit low. When you fall in love with someone, your compassion for that person increases. After the initial infatuation subsides, this effect will fade, but you will always feel your partner’s emotions to some extent.

You have no eyes for anyone else
A sure sign that you are in love is that you can’t imagine yourself with someone else. No one can compare to the one you already have! Perhaps you may still find other people attractive, but you no longer see them as a potential fling or partner.

You do things you don’t normally do, just to make your date happy
There is a wonderful energy in love, suddenly you can do almost anything, just to be with your special someone, or make him or her happy.

You smile when you think about the person in question
Suddenly you’re the kind of person who sits and smiles silly to yourself all the time, because everything and everyone reminds you of him or her. Another sure sign…