Couples Tell Me What I should Have Done Before I Got Married

Some things are hard to take back – for example, saying “yes” at the altar. It’s a shame when you realize afterwards that you weren’t really ready for it. But as these stories show, that does happen.

We probably always perceive it particularly intensively, but it happens quite often that we only see clearly when it is too late: After a breakup, we suddenly realize what a rare treasure our ex actually was, after changing jobs, how good we had it in our old position, and after our wedding, that we completely missed out on really enjoying our single life beforehand. Once we have the ring on our finger, it’s usually too late for that, unless we’re ready to take it off again. At Whisper, numerous people have reported on this very dilemma and shared what they regret most not doing before their wedding. And for those who are thinking of getting married soon, you might want to ask yourself if the following items have already been checked off for her …

Married couples tell: Here’s what I regret not doing before my wedding.

get to know the groom better

“I regret not getting to know my husband better before we got married. I think that would have made a lot of things easier in our marriage because it was quite a challenge as it was.”


“Traveling and seeing the world. I was so young and my husband has no desire to travel. I’ll probably do it on my own now in my late 40s or early 50s or something.”

living alone

“I so wish I had lived alone once before I got married. I moved from my parents to a dorm with roommates and from there to live with my husband. I never experienced what it was like to live alone.”

make a prenuptial agreement

“I regret not having a prenup before we got married. I’m so afraid we’ll get divorced and she’ll take everything I’ve worked for.”

marry her earlier

“Honestly? The one thing I wish I had done before I got married is marry her sooner! She is the best person in the whole world!”

partying and being single

“I wish I had partied a little more and been single for a while when I was younger. I got married when I was 24. I love my husband, but that was way too soon.”

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