10 Tips to be a more extroverted girl

There is nothing wrong with being an introvert, but it limits you because being confident and facing people is essential for life. In my opinion all girls should learn to be even a little bit extroverted, it makes things easier for you and prevents you from missing many opportunities.

So here are some tips to help you leave that shyness behind and be the person you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Eye contact

If you find yourself in a place where you can meet people (bar, club, party) try to make eye contact with a guy. Once you have succeeded, give him a friendly look and smile, if the guy keeps looking at you, it’s time to approach him and talk to him.

  • Get out of your comfort zone

More than going out, you should force yourself to go out, when you are out of your zone you are more productive. For example go to a high school party without your friends, being there makes you willing to take risks like talking to that hot guy or that group of friends.

  • Dress up

It may sound cliché, but although many deny it, there is research that says your clothes really do affect the way you feel about yourself. Try to dress in a way that expresses your personality, it will help you feel confident and be more outgoing.

  • Introduce yourself

You don’t have to be a nice or charming girl to be an extroverted girl; all you should try to do is introduce yourself to a certain girl (let’s say), tell her you’re new at school, work, area, etcetera and offer a compliment like “Hi, nice shoes” to start the conversation. Of course, you should learn to back off if you see that the person looks upset or uncomfortable.

  • Smile

Don’t smile every time that guy makes you laugh, try to smile very often! People notice when you are giving them a fake smile, you can do the trick of thinking of something that makes you laugh, but without leaving aside the conversation of that guy, so you don’t look like a fool.

  • Ask open questions

You must be smart, if you ask people questions where the answer is a simple “yes”, “no”, “well”, etcetera, most likely the conversation will end immediately. So try asking open-ended questions about themselves or add a “why?” to your question.

  • Body language

Body language is important girls, mainly because you are subconsciously deceiving the other guys mind, for example you should lean a little towards the conversationalist, so that he sees that you do have interest in what he says and you should never cross your arms or legs, because it is a sign of being defensive or closed.

  • Give compliments

If you’re interested in a group of girls, you obviously notice the details you like or appreciate about them, such as the way they think, dress, or talk. Make sure you give compliments that are genuine and that you really mean, because if they sound too forced, others will think you’re being a stalker.

  • Don’t be the center of attention

Remember that being outgoing is not necessarily about being the center of attention, always be yourself, being outgoing more than anything else is about opening up to others, meeting people, being more confident.

  • Master a hobby

All of us girls need that one thing we are good at, we have that inexplicable need to feel “in control” of something. So when you feel like you are good at something you feel proud of yourself and feel more confident. Plus, common hobbies can open up avenues to many friendships.