Top 10 tips to get your love life off to a good start

Take care of yourself!

Have you been single for a few months or a few years? In addition to no longer sharing your bed life with another person, you have also put a stop to all that concerns going to the hairdresser and the beautician. And I don’t blame you. Generally, when you desperately look for love and you can’t find it, you tend to mope about yourself and forget to take care of yourself. Which is a big mistake. Whether you want to stay single for a while longer or you are looking for someone to share your life with, you should never let yourself go. When you leave your home, always remember to wear clothes that make you look your best. Forget about loose-fitting dresses that make you feel comfortable or jogging around in comfort. Search your wardrobe for looks that will turn heads.

Get out!

I’m not the only one advising you to get out often, am I? And if you’ve been single for a few months now, this is probably the advice you get the most. And if it has its place in our ranking, it’s mostly because it’s very important. Indeed, how would you like to find the love of your life if you stay at home all day long? You don’t even have to wait for a big event to get dressed up and have fun outside. Every day, there are interesting activities in your neighborhood or elsewhere. You just have to find the right platform, the one that will keep you up to date with all the trendy events of the season. And don’t forget that you don’t necessarily need a lot of friends to have a good time.

Never forget yourself

In this article, I told you that people who want to love must first learn to love themselves. And I still hold this statement as a truth that cannot be ignored. When you are on your quest for true love, you will find different types of profiles on your path that are very interesting. To please them, you will tend to let their expectations take precedence over yours. For singles, finding true love is a real need. However, you must never silence your expectations and desires to the detriment of the expectations and desires of others. You must never forget yourself. Far from being narcissism, this is a way to accentuate the happiness you can obtain from your love relationship. In addition, it will greatly influence the way your future half will behave in your future relationship. If you always make yourself too small, your partner will no longer consider you in your right place.

Love is not a gift that you deserve.

Be careful, love should not be a gift that is earned. It’s not like a Christmas gift that you get only because you were wise or a good ice cream with whipped cream that you deserve because you’ve followed your diet to the letter these past few weeks. Love is a feeling that you receive automatically, without compensation. Therefore, you don’t have to be perfect, stylish, beautiful or very smart to deserve a man’s love. In the game of seduction, your appearance matters a lot, but in love, it is just a detail. The man to whom you must give your heart is the one who sees beyond what you show him. He should not say to himself: “I love you because you fulfill all my desires” but rather “I love you because you know how to speak to my heart”.

No one can read your mind

Women tend to think that men who sincerely love them are able to read their thoughts. But beware ladies, it is simply impossible. No one has the ability to read someone else’s thoughts. Unless the man you’re dating has magical powers, he certainly won’t be able to tell at a glance what you want and need. Feel like going out for Chinese food tonight? Tell him! Don’t feel like movie night? Stop sulking and tell him clearly what you want. You want him to give you a nice gift for Valentine’s Day? Don’t just send him signs that say so, just tell him. Even if you act in an obvious way (at least in your eyes), only sentences will allow you to reveal to him the bottom of your thoughts.

Just because it reminds you that it’s made for you, doesn’t mean it’s for you.

It is very stressful to wait for a man’s first call. And when he is waiting, you will appreciate the fateful moment even more. But be careful not to fall into disillusionment. Men who call back are not necessarily the most interesting ones. And even if you’ve been waiting for a call for a very long time, don’t rush right away. You have a list of suitors, but only one has deigned to call? Make sure they meet all the criteria you have set for yourself, without being too demanding. One call does not mean that he has the Holy Grail in you. Moreover, you do not suspect it, but by forcing yourself to love this man, you are hurting him. However, if you still want to give him a chance, make sure that you will be able to love him as he is.

People who already have someone in their lives no longer have room for you.

From your first date, this man made it clear to you that he already had someone in his life. If this is the case, you really need to be careful! He is very handsome, he is nice and he has everything you dream of, but you are not the only one in his life. Even if he convinces you that it won’t last, you still have to take your gloves off. Never fall in love with a man who already has his wife and children. You don’t want to be alone over the holidays or have to cancel appointments because his “fiancée” is back in town to surprise him. A love story requires the intervention of only two people, not three. And to tell you the truth, women who have been fooled by men who have already been taken are bitterly sorry, so if he’s honest with you it’s really not a good idea to be tempted by this story.

Forcing things is a bad sign

We have already found ourselves in this situation: a few days ago, we spent a most pleasant moment with a man we have been enjoying for a long time. We had the impression that the current has passed wonderfully. And at the end of the evening, our “date” even asked us for our number for a next appointment. You have been waiting for a call from him since that night, but so far, no sign. You recognize this scene, don’t you? And even if it’s not new to you, you’ll always be tempted to do the wrong thing: to force or shake things up a bit. Unfortunately, if you force it, it wasn’t going the right way from the beginning. It’s like you’re about to learn to walk and you already want to run. Let it happen the way it has to happen. If he calls, that’s fine. If he doesn’t, too bad!

Nice men are also good candidates

It seems that bad boys are much more successful with women. And there are many reasons for this particular aversion to this type of profile. The little snag is that they are so famous that singles are more likely to fall in love with them. And yet, let me tell you something important: nice men are also excellent candidates. It is true that they don’t have the same personality as the famous bad boys, that they will never make you experience a love story worthy of a roller coaster, that they say (very often) what they really think…but this personality is very appreciable. Contrary to a relationship with a bad boy, you will be more serene. You won’t have to ask yourself hundreds of questions every time he doesn’t answer the phone, you don’t have to stress every time he disappears for several days (and besides, with a nice boy, this kind of disappearance is very rare).

The taste for risk comes with love

Do you want to venture into the beautiful story of love? But you have no idea what awaits you? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced seducer, know one thing: there will always be a risk to take around every corner. And this is no joke. Opening your heart to a person, who is as yet unknown, is a great risk. Bringing into your life a person who has not received the same education as us and who perhaps has a different vision of life is a risk. In short, every moment that you are going to live from now on can be a risk. In order not to lose your footing, you must immediately remember this important rule: loving is taking risks. Even if you’ve been going through the seduction tips I’ve been giving you all this time, neither I nor anyone else can guarantee a relationship where pain, disappointment and unhappiness will really have no place.

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