things you shouldn’t allow from a man during a relationship

  • Don’t allow everything a man can think of in a relationship

It is not healthy to chain yourself to something that hurts or destroys. That is why there are certain things in a relationship that must be tolerated. In the end, living as a couple should be a source of happiness. Be clear about the things you should not allow in a relationship.

Fear of loneliness or failure leads many women to make this mistake. They pay a high price, compromising even their dignity. Always pay attention to the things you should not allow from a man.

  • Things you should not allow your boyfriend: No shouting and insults

It doesn’t take a blow to attack, words can cause just as much pain. While this is not a justifiable attitude, shouting and insults can happen on equal terms. But during an argument, it should never come to this.

What you must not allow a man is verbal and physical abuse. Justifying him for his bad temper, or accepting his apologies after every such scene cannot be tolerated. Indeed, to err is human, but it is one of the things you must not allow of a man.

  • Never let him threaten and strike you, for he affects your health and integrity

This is what you should not allow in a relationship. Any threat, no matter how innocent it may seem, is a sign that he thinks he has power over you. This is indicative of a lack of trust on his part. Feel the need to want to control everything you do.

This harmful behavior often ends up in another, worse scenario: hitting. We know that it is not easy to leave an abusive relationship. Fear, love or habit are no justification to submit to abuse, nothing is.

  • Don’t let them choose who can or cannot be part of your friendships

It is normal to have a circle of friends before establishing a relationship. But to make it more enjoyable, they try to share in each other’s space. Even so, don’t let your partner force you to change your social circle.

The attempt to control your environment is clear evidence of manipulation. And it is one of the things you should not allow from a man. He will be trying to isolate you into his own environment so that he can take control of the situation.

  • Be alert whenever he tries to keep the relationship a secret

We know that a relationship only involves two people. But there are always introductions between friends and family. This can be seen as pressure or compromise. If you are only planning to go out on the town or just see each other at home, you should be alert.

Far from trying to create paranoia, these are signs that something is going on. It is advisable to evaluate the possibility that you do not want something serious or are hiding another relationship. For everything to work, both must be on the same page.

  • A romantic moment should not be out of obligation or commitment

Sometimes you do not wish to be so affectionate with your man and he must respect it. He must understand that you are not obliged and that the first thing is your peace. This will be decisive for leading a full love life. Some men consider that woman is there to fulfill.

It is your decision what you do with your life and your body. Loving satisfaction must be on both sides, you are not there just to please. You can fulfill fantasies, but without affecting the integrity of the other. Make your list of what you should never allow in a relationship.

In short… what you should never allow in a healthy and happy relationship is to do something that is harmful to you.

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