The 6 tips for personal development

  • Working For Tomorrow

Whatever you do with your days (professional, personal or social), do not act for immediate gratification. If you want to help someone in need, don’t do it so that tomorrow that same person will help you; let time do things for you. This also means not focusing on the past, but living in the present to enslave a better future.

  • It is better to examine yourself than to criticize yourself.

Self-examination is far more important than mere criticism. Criticism is destructive while self-examination is constructive. Like a criticism of a person, ask yourself, “What can I do that could make me better in this situation? Analyzing the situation for a better tomorrow is the principle of self-examination. Above all, don’t get into a debate with others, but rather examine one’s own behavior, not that of others.

  • Analyze Your Chess for Better Remembering It

Like Self Examination, see your little “lessons” (which I prefer to chess). It is thanks to Self Examination that you will be able to analyze your “lessons” to better advance in your future progress. The next time you are in the same situation you will be able to remember it adequately.

  • Finding Mentor better than you

A bit like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, look for something better than you are in the field you want to develop in. In sarge, arm yourself with the best (Mystery, Style, David DeAngelo etc…). Professionally, find better than you, your boss, a colleague … Network with your mentors, learn from them, use them as “accounting partners”, give them an account of your “lessons”, of your “work”…

  • Aim higher

Never be satisfied with what you already have; even if you have completed a first landing, keep moving steadily up the stairs to an even greater goal. Know when you’ve reached the goal, then raise the bar higher. Exceed your limits, and you will gain confidence.

  • Giving, giving, giving

It is not only about giving money, it also means giving time, effort and energy. As Zig Ziglar points out, “give others what they want, and you will get what you want. Never wait to receive, the Law of Attraction will take care of it for you. Help others with their needs and goals and you will find your reward. Without this law, companies won’t do business!

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