The 6 reasons why spending time alone is a good thing


1/ Spending time alone is not synonymous with boredom

Being alone does not rhyme with boredom. Spending time alone with yourself is healthy and allows you to do activities that you don’t want to share and have wanted to try for a long time. Simple things that relax us. And there are many of them! It’s when you’re always running, when your work takes up all your time, or when you’re parents, that you want a little time alone. Just one. To enjoy a good book, to laugh or cry in front of a movie, to dive into a hot bath, to rest during a nap, to relax with a relaxing massage or to let go during a shopping session. There are also wonderful films about loneliness that allow you to reflect on your personal fulfillment.

And with time, we realize that spending time alone allows us to do things that have been put aside for too long and to refocus to reflect on our lives.

Being face to face with oneself brings very positive feelings.

2/ Spending time alone to live a little without others

What can spoil and thus really sabotage our happiness in these moments of loneliness is to think about how people see us. What they think. Other people’s gaze always weighs too much and that’s a pity. We have to detach ourselves from it. You can’t live without others but you can enjoy privileged moments just with yourself. Without feeling guilty or abnormal.

You have to know how to concentrate on yourself and let the world take its course. And so forget the misconception that you have to share every moment of your life to be happy.

Being good to yourself then allows you to be fulfilled in the company of others.

3/ Spend time alone to gain concentration

To enjoy a moment of solitude is to know how to taste the pleasure of silence and calm. It means putting all the chances on your side to concentrate and think. For this reason, one is often more productive by being alone, without distractions, even though teamwork and the emulation that goes with it are essential in the context of a collective project and are part of the obligations at work.

But it is not only work in life and being alone that makes it possible to be more attentive to what one is doing. One can work alone or be creative through hobbies and dreams.

When you choose to spend time alone, you have a new ally: the freedom to act as you wish and at your own pace.

4/ Spending time alone to build your projects

This freedom of concentration is one of the bases of another freedom: the freedom to think about one’s projects alone in one’s head before carrying them out. Do you think our best ideas are only born from contact with others? This is not necessarily true.

When we are alone, we have this incredible possibility to imagine in complete freedom. Nobody is there to tell us that our project is impossible and so we are not limited.

Think of artists, whoever they are: the great inventors, sculptors, writers and poets. And from a more pragmatic point of view, all entrepreneurs. Those who take the plunge, who try, who dare. Those who take advantage of this time alone, of their solitude to good effect, of their freedom to move forward, to build a project and not to sink into boredom or immobility.

At the basis of their projects, they have worked on their ideas alone. Even if afterwards, of course, they built their project in interaction with others.

But everything was born from their ability to dream without any external limits or barriers.

5/ Spending time alone to meet new people

Besides, spending time alone does not mean being a lonely or grumpy old bear or an old maid surrounded by her 8 cats. No, enjoying moments of solitude is not indicative of blues, depression or lack of social life.

But it can open your eyes to your entourage, your circle of friends and make you want to expand it, to meet new people.

Thus, being alone is not necessarily staying at home.  On the contrary, it can allow you to start a new activity and see new faces. Somewhere, the loneliness assumed can create opportunities.

Spending time alone also means getting out of your comfort zone and opening new doors. And so it’s a great way to meet new people.

6/ Spending time alone to listen to yourself and to know who you are

Spending time alone in an assertive and voluntary manner may require time. Sometimes life decides for us and it takes time to see the benefits. But it can be a choice, a desire, and in this case it is a sign that we have done what it takes to feel good about ourselves.

You have to know how to take care of yourself at all levels but also and especially emotionally because no one will do it for you. And above all, no one can do it as well as we can.

When we take the time to distance ourselves from everything and from others, we can finally listen to ourselves, understand our needs and desires and learn who we really are.

Taking advantage of these moments of solitude brings real benefits. We must not deprive ourselves of them.

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