8 Tips on how to leave a married man, assert your self-respect

  • Identify if you always get involved with married men.

Many times we repeat patterns of behavior in our love relationships. In this case, leaving a married man becomes a problem that needs professional help. For example, a psychotherapist can help you identify your unconscious motives to find a partner.

Leaving a married man’s mistress can be complicated if you do not have good self-esteem. Also if you are afraid of formal commitments or if your ego is boosted by relationships with married men. The problem lies in your deepest beliefs.

  • To leave a married man amate, forgive and forgive yourself

The first step to get away from problematic relationships is to focus on your self-love. Well, as any intelligent woman you want to be really happy from your strengths and not from your weaknesses.

Make a list of the ten things you love most and start with yourself. If by any chance there is a married man on your list, accept him, love that emotion, forgive yourself and replace him. Because true love needs freedom, light, space, music, good friends and fresh air.

  • Observe your inner world with a little introspection.

I want to leave a married man but I don’t know where to start? It is not easy or common to reflect on our attitudes, thoughts and what happens to us. You may be afraid to acknowledge what’s really in your heart.

But if you want to lead a healthy emotional life away from traumatic relationships you need to ask yourself questions like:

  1. What do I really feel when I relate to a married man?
  2. Do I remember what I wished and thought before and what I think and do now?
  3. What has made me lead my life this way?
  4. How have I dealt with situations that hurt me before?
  5. What can I do right now to improve my life?
  6. Assume that you are solely responsible for what happens in your life.
  • Even if you are in a relationship with an married man, your self-esteem

should always come first. Let it serve as an experience and ask yourself if this is the life you want. Don’t justify yourself for any reason, take full responsibility.

Taking responsibility gives you the power to leave a married man. You are the only one who can do it, do not feed yourself with false hopes. Happiness and success is in your responsibility, not somewhere else.

  • After leaving a married man as a lover, life goes on.

How to leave a married man if you love him very much? The emotional pain you feel will be fueled even more if you continue in that relationship that hurts you. You are there focusing on your weaknesses, on what you can’t do.

Now simply focus on your strengths and end the relationship completely to survive emotionally. It will be hard, but it will be better. End it even if he has promised to leave his wife, because that is unlikely.

  • To leave a married man you may have to cry a lot, that’s okay.

Look in the mirror and think of yourself as the girlfriend of the man you deserve. Being the mistress of a man who only promises only feeds an improbable illusion. Be grateful for the experience, but now move on to the next level.

It will hurt, but then you will feel free, you will be able to love without hiding. Let go of all ideas of security and hopes with that man. Because the real security is in your own talents. Do not allow yourself to be disappointed.

  • Let the people who love you give you emotional support.

Your family and best friends want the best for you. They probably know about your relationship with a married man and would like to help you in some way. Be brave, love them a lot, talk to them and tell them how they can support you.

Family will always support you, and in friends there is always someone unconditional. Talk sincerely with them, explain your desire to leave a married man.

  • Focus on your strengths, on what you can do.

She tells you to focus on the positive aspects of your life. Your career, your likes, your dreams, etc., all of that needs your emotional freedom.

It’s going to be difficult for you to achieve a life of your own depending on someone else. Probably that married man is supporting you, but you may be living like an emotional hostage. Think about how much you limit yourself.

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