How do we understand and realize what life wants to tell us?

The difficult times and challenges that we need to experience in our lives are those that have a strong impact on our evolution, much greater than the moments when we are satisfied. Each time, in the aftermath, we seek to make sense of those events, but preferably we also learn our lessons.

The easiest thing to do after disappointments, suffering, challenges or traumas is to look outwards. To look for blame, point fingers and be angry at those around us. We often rewrite the information and beliefs we have about people or the world. Men are evil, men are misogynistic, the system is corrupt. You will say – but it really is! There are cases that confirm these beliefs, but the moment we turn these isolated experiences into general rules, by extrapolation, we will have more to lose than to gain.

My opinion is that we need to turn our attention inwards each time, to see what we feel, to allow ourselves to feel. Whatever we have to feel. We are taught not to express certain emotions that are considered negative, such as anger, anger or sadness, but we need to live the full emotional spectrum. Moreover, we need to let emotions exist, because only then can we better understand what is happening to us.

Once we understand and accept these emotions, they gradually transform, but to bring clarity, they need to be felt, to be processed. To experience anger, sadness, disappointment or rebellion, for each such state has something to tell us and it is our duty to seek and see what the message is for us, what we need to change in our way of thinking, what we need to understand so that we no longer need to experience such situations.

Let’s not forget that we always need the questions we ask to be about us and not about the outside. Examples:

  • What belief of mine generated this situation?
  • What can I learn from what happened?
  • How can I avoid these situations in the future?
  • How can I act and not react in such situations?
  • How could I better manage such a situation?
  • Why did I do this?

These are just some of the questions that might help you to better understand the lessons you need to learn. I invite you to ask yourself, according to the challenges you have, all the questions that could bring you closer to yourself, to your inner self, to the motivations that drive you forward, as well as to those that hold you back and need to be understood and overcome.