7 ways, how to tell if a boy likes you, even if he hides it

  • Most importantly, watch how he talks to you

The way a boy talks to you can tell a lot about his intentions towards you. Because one way you can tell if a boy likes you is the attention he gives you when he talks. His tone of voice, eye contact, if he’s trying to impress you, if he lowers his voice, etc., are important signals.

For example, one way you can tell if a man likes you is by how attentive he is. If you’re in a group, he’ll get away from everyone and talk to you as if you were the only person he might like. If he tells you stories where he stands out it is to impress you and get your attention.

  • How to tell if a boy likes you: See what he’s talking about

The best way to tell if a man likes you is to look at the subjects of his conversations. If he talks about funny things trying to amuse you, he is obviously trying to impress you. He knows instinctively that the best way to attract a woman is to have fun.

If he talks to you about his childhood, if he compliments you, and with all this he fixes his hair, he likes you. Because nobody talks like that about their private things. Nor does anyone get fun with someone they are indifferent to. Besides, when he does his hair he is trying to be more attractive to you.

For example, he may be a little rough with his friends, but with you he’s more refined. It’s not for nothing, he wants you to like him. he transforms himself in front of the one he loves.

  • If he talks to you about other girls, look at the way he does it

If you like this guy, it won’t be nice to talk about other girls. But pay attention so you know how he does it. Here is a very valuable detail so that you know if he likes you or not.

For example, if every time he talks to you about a girl it’s to complain, he wants you. Because he is telling you that he doesn’t find anything nice in other girls, but he is with you.

If you ask him about a girl and he says, yes, she’s nice, but not as cool as you. He told you, this is the way to tell if a guy likes you.

  • A man’s body language tells you if he likes you or not

For example, to find out if a boy who doesn’t talk to you likes you, you have to observe his body language. If he looks at you constantly, if he separates his feet, if he opens his lips slightly, etc. The man emits very simple signals that give away if he likes a girl.

If already you speak with him it observes as it sits to your side, as it watches to you, if it touches to you, etc. Perhaps when being to your side it tries to touch to you, if it watches to you with attention, is obvious, you are what but it interests to him. If he tries to stay away and looks anywhere, he only sees you as a friend.

How do you know if a boy likes you even if he has a girlfriend? As your friend will look for excuses to touch you, like playing, joking or driving you somewhere. If they play, they will always ask you to be their partner, if they form groups, it’s the same. If they like you, their whole body, all their attention will be directed to you with subtle enthusiasm.

  • How do you know if a boy in your class likes you: Does he do something for you?

Mario Luna is on Instagram, as you can see in his video, he is very frank with his statements. Only a man who is interested in you will do things for you. Some favor, if he lends you something, if he goes with you, takes things, etc. See if he only does it for you or for any other girl.

If he brings you coffee, invites you to watch a movie, if he is aware of everything you talk and do. It’s the way you can tell if a guy likes you. See if he wants to make you happy, he can even help you at home, he’s wanting to be your boyfriend. These are things that a man does only for a special person who has a place in his heart.

  • How does he behave when he interacts with other girls, just like he does with you?

There are many ways to tell if a guy likes you by the way he treats his friends. If he laughs more with them than with you, you are obviously one of his friends. But if he’s especially funny with you and prefers to be by your side when they’re in a group, he likes you.

It is possible for a man to flirt with his friends, but if he gives you special treatment, he likes you. Putting it on is also a way to tell if a guy likes you. That is to say, he laughs with his friends and less with you, it is because he feels something but he still doesn’t have confidence.

If he seems very animated with his friends but embarrassed or shy with you, it’s because of the emotions he feels. If you suddenly show up and his friends look at you, they have heard something about you, he has told them something about you. He likes you.

  • If he loves spending time with you, he wants you to be his girlfriend

It’s going to be easy to tell if a guy likes you if he’s trying to spend time with you. This is even the way to tell if a guy likes you by chatting, he always talks to you. He always moves around with you like you’re the only person even if you’re in a group. His friends are connected but he only talks to you.

At parties or any gathering, he tries to grab your attention most of the time. If she saves room for you in class, she even shows up at the cafeteria or library and looks for you. That man is definitely in love with you.

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