Some tips for approaching an unreachable girl

Lately, you have noticed a woman who has everything to please. She seems to be very nice, intelligent, sociable and she has a style that other women don’t have. In short, she is the ideal woman for many men. The only downside is that you’re afraid to approach her, because she’s the kind of woman who is inaccessible in many ways. You won’t know what to say to her, let alone how to make the first move. To tell the truth, in front of this scene you even lose your means a little. You are stuck in your apprehensions and doubts. But let me tell you that with the right techniques, you can’t go wrong.

Let me tell you that most of the time, it is your conscience that puts some women in the unattainable category. Because of your insecurities and fears, the little voice that whispers in your ear the reasons why you shouldn’t go for it always wins. However, if you leave the cowardly attitude aside, you will see that there is no reason to wait. Before reading the advice I have for you, please do me a favor: dare! In any case, what can be worse than a refusal? It is said that he who risks wins. So go brandish your cup!

Behave in the right way

The problem with women is that they tend to distrust all men. Between liars, mythomaniacs and other unreliable men, they have to find an effective way to protect themselves. Unfortunately, it is this kind of attitude that can lead to confusion. Indeed, men think that this kind of woman does not want to meet new people. Except that if you offer something tempting and enjoyable, there is no reason for her to refuse.

It’s not that this woman is very beautiful and stylish that she is necessarily inaccessible. If you are polite, sympathetic and above all well educated, there is no reason for her to close the door in your face. Her attitude will therefore depend solely on your attitude. By behaving in the right way, any woman (even those you consider inaccessible) will automatically open up to you.

Find a way to get her attention

I’ll let you in on a little secret: even if in your eyes this woman is different from you, other women you’ve had the chance to meet before, they’re not totally different from the others. She surely has the same fears, the same apprehensions, the same desires and above all the same expectations. She is human like you and me. To please her, you must learn to attract her attention. And to get her attention, you have to offer something different from the others.

Certainly, the woman you wish to court has already had some significant experiences in love. So she knows exactly how men work and what to expect. And what she wants to see is that little something that will be a trigger for her. Make a list of those things that make you who you are: your humor, your walk, your looks, etc., and use these to get her attention.

Have confidence in yourself

Self-confidence is a very important point. Although you have to be careful, too much confidence will look like arrogance. From now on, try to find the right balance. A woman knows exactly what to say and what to do when a man approaches her. The only weapon to keep from getting caught in the crossfire is self-confidence. Show this young lady that you have confidence.

You may feel intimidated by the beautiful lady, but always try to look her in the eye. Above all, don’t look down. If you look away from her, she’ll think you’re not a serious man. She may even think that you’re not really sure what you want or that you’re not taking responsibility for what you’re doing. This should make you understand the importance of self-confidence.

Learn how to seduce her with words

When you approach this stylish woman, the first thing you have to control is what you’re going to say to her. Prepare a short speech and especially list in your head the subjects you must absolutely avoid. To do this, you must learn to know yourself and especially to control your emotions. This way, you will have a better chance of having a well-founded discussion.

In the art of conversation, one must also play with silence. Know exactly when to keep quiet. When to give your opinion. When you can ask questions. All women, no matter how beautiful they are, appreciate men who can play with words and who don’t talk about boring or inappropriate topics.

Keep it simple

If you think this woman is very beautiful, others have surely noticed it too. Every day, she hears this famous refrain: “I think you’re very pretty”. And of course, this kind of compliment will now leave her indifferent. Instead of being like the others, why not encroach on the path of simplicity? A simple smile will be enough to make her understand that you are attracted to her. After that, you can find a little phrase to break the ice.

But that’s not all, your style of dress should also be simple enough. Of course, if you want to seduce a woman who dresses like in fashion magazines, you must have a minimum of style. However, don’t forget that you have to be yourself. Just take care of your style, be clean and above all find a perfume that will reflect your personality.

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