How to keep your partner. 5 Ways to keep the love in the couple

If you’re wondering how to keep your partner when you’re going through a crisis, you’ll find the answer in the article we’ve prepared for you.

I assure you that there is no trick and no manipulation method. It’s true that the advice that “friends” give us goes in this direction of control and manipulation, which is totally wrong.

Stay with me and find out what you can do to keep your partner and what are the 6 concrete methods to apply to keep the love in the couple.

In a long-term relationship, there are inevitably times when dark clouds gather on the horizon. Another person is circling your partner, flirting, and he (she) isn’t exactly indifferent.

Therefore, a real war begins in which you chase your suspected partner, you are like a detective looking for evidence. With or without reason, you begin to be jealous, to reproach, to accuse to ask for confirmation of fidelity. You make up scenarios, strategies by which to drive away the potential rival.

Attention! Unfortunately, this war of nerves only erodes the relationship. Reproaches, bickering, control, manipulation drive the partner away. Instead of saving the relationship, the marriage, the effect will be the opposite.

So what can I do to keep the man I love with me?
The secret: love your partner and conquer them every day.

We don’t belong to each other. It’s important to know that you can’t keep anyone by force, next to you. We entered the relationship freely and we stay as long as there is love, as long as we get what we need. If the other person wants to cheat or leave, there is nothing you can do to stop it. It’s not up to you.

If you want him by your side, conquer him. It has nothing to do with that “rival” that should not exist in your concerns. It’s just the two of you in a couple. That goes for men who often forget they don’t own their wives.

Our children, our houses, our cars, our social obligations may bind us, but no one can bind our souls. The soul is free.

What about “till death do us part”?
This “formula” was appropriate for another era, 50-100 years ago, even earlier, when marriage was a social and economic arrangement. Marriage for love was an exception in other times, today it is the norm. We choose our partner freely and alone, based on love.

The death that separated the couple was not even a metaphor in the past, when life expectancy was much lower. Today, the prospect of death is extremely remote. Not only has life expectancy increased, but also vitality, health, youth, even the age at which a woman can have children.

So the “magic” formula by which we consecrate our marriage should be reconsidered, updated: until love’s death do us part”.

That’s why the secret is to keep love alive as long as possible.

Here are 6 ways you can keep love alive in a couple, you can keep your partner.

Validate it
Remember the qualities that attracted you in the first place. They are unchanging. I know you appreciate them, still, but what if you told him. Compliment him, say what you admire about the person you love. We need to hear what the other person appreciates about us. Tell your man how much you appreciate his intelligence, courage, tenderness, commitment. Tell your woman how much you still like her eyes, the way she smiles, the way she cooks, how smart she is, how beautiful she is.

Show your joy
Remember how you used to jump into his arms at first? Maybe now you don’t feel like it anymore, but is a hug, a warm handshake hard to give? Show him that you enjoy your loved one’s presence when you see each other again, when he does something for you, for you. Smile wholeheartedly and thus banish any cloud from your relationship.

Listen and be emotionally present
Don’t give advice, solutions, that’s not what your partner needs when he/she complains. He needs to be listened to, understood, comforted. When they say “I’m tired, my head hurts”, don’t rush to send them to sleep or give them a painkiller. When expressing emotions, people just need to be listened to and understood. “I understand what you’re going through, my darling, I know you’ve had a hard day” and hold your loved one, even if you still have homework to do with the kids, or an important game has started on TV.

Surprise him
When a couple falls into monotony, we need facts to break us out of the everyday. Little surprises that bring joy to your partner, that bring pleasure to both of you, bring newness to the relationship. Buy him a ticket to the theatre, to the football match, bring him a flower, just like that, for no particular reason, a romantic dinner, a date… You’re sure to find something your loved one will like and let them know how well you know their preferences.

Keep a zone of mystery
It’s important to be independent, to have your own little “innocent secrets” that you don’t tell your partner about. Go out with your girlfriends/friends once a week, without telling where or what you discussed. Do a few things without each other, just for your soul. This way you keep their attention, curiosity, insecurity.

You might be thinking that all this “stuff” doesn’t matter to you, you have kids, bills to pay, two jobs, and a boatload of problems. I’m not arguing with you, but think what it would be like if the person who is with you today was no longer there! No effort is too great when you want to keep the partner you love.