I don’t hear from my partner and this makes me angry

Do you sometimes have to wait all day or even several days for a message or a call from your partner and nothing …

When you wait for this message, this call, do you ever get angry? Feel angry with him or her?
As the hours go by, do you feel this anger mounting or perhaps sadness?
Does this sometimes put you in a state you don’t understand?
“Sabrina waits a whole day to hear from her partner. They’ve been together for a few months now, they see each other regularly and call each other quite often. It’s going well and sometimes they don’t call each other for a couple of days and it usually goes well, until the day or…

On this day, when Sabrina has a deep desire to hear her boyfriend and talk with him, she is bothered by bad news and wants to confide in him. She waits and waits and the call doesn’t come…

She broods all day long, in the evening … waiting for a message, a call with that little voice that keeps telling her : “He could still call, that’s crazy ! What’s he doing?”

Finally, the more the hours go by, the more she moans, the more she gets angry, to the point of even thinking that she can’t count on him, that he’s not considerate enough, that he’s not considerate enough…

On his side, his partner was overwhelmed at work, he finished late and had planned to call her the next day so as not to bother her thinking she was asleep when he picked up the phone.

The next day, Sabrina’s partner called him and an argument broke out immediately. She screams, gets angry, asks him why he didn’t call yesterday? What was he doing? Because he hasn’t given any news…

He does not understand and feels reproaches unjustly, he defends himself and the situation becomes chaotic…”.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation instead of Sabrina or her partner?

Today, I wanted to share with you a little trick to see this situation from another angle. It’s completely understandable for Sabrina to feel this way, but there are also tips to avoid the ensuing argument and to engage in couple communication.

My advice :

If at some point in your relationship you find yourself in the same situation as Sabrina, that is, you need to talk to your partner because something is bothering you:

Pick up the phone, send a short text message and tell him that you need to talk to him.

Ask him if he has the time and when he can spare a few minutes and tell him what’s going on for you in a few words. Asking him also when he would be available, allows you on your side not to wait for him to call or maybe not and it allows him to be available for you at that “appointment” taken.

Looking at the situation from another angle also means thinking that your partner does not know at that moment that you need to talk to him (perhaps more than usual). And so he may not understand your reaction when he calls you the next day because he hadn’t guessed it.

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