How to recover from a love break-up?

How to recover from a love break-up step by step

Cry, cry and cry some more: unburden yourself, shout, let the pain out, talk to others about it until you have no more tears left in you. A break-up is a grieving process and you have to go through several phases. Crying will help you move on to the next stage.

Write: This can help you to see things more objectively, to structure and to remember things, both good and bad.

Stay busy: Thinking about what happened is not forbidden, but don’t let yourself get obsessed. Do something, go out with friends, work, play sports, try to keep your mind busy.

Think positively. Yes, being like this is a real pain and it all hurts but try to stay positive. Everything that happens to us is a learning experience and, over time, you may even realize that ending the relationship was the best thing for you. Don’t worry, you’ll fall in love again. Everything in life will go away and things will get better.

Be rational. There were good things, of course, but if the relationship ended, it was because the negative side weighed more heavily than the positive. Don’t forget what was wrong, that’s why the relationship ended.

Don’t punish yourself and don’t blame yourself. This does no good except to make you feel worse. Remove the “what ifs” from your vocabulary. You can’t go back, what happened happened happened, and no matter how much you punish yourself for it, things won’t change. You did this because at the time you thought it was the right thing to do, so move forward and live on.

Think of yourself: now is the time to be selfish. Forget about the other person and don’t wonder if they’re okay or not. Now it’s time to think of yourself.

In times of crisis, don’t make important decisions. You are confused and not thinking clearly. There have already been enough changes in your life to make unnecessary ones. In these times, you are in the clouds and it is better not to make important decisions because this is not the time. Later, when you’re a little better, it’s time to make decisions.

Accept the help of others: your friends and family are with you, ask them for help, let them take care of you, don’t give up on them. If, over time, you don’t get better, see a psychologist, do yoga and meditation. If you realize that you can’t do it alone, don’t be ashamed and don’t be proud, ask for help.

Allow yourself a time to mourn: unfortunately, this process takes time. This is why, for days, weeks or months, you will feel bad. Take things calmly, because you will need time to digest things. Don’t get impatient.

Continue to take on your responsibilities and obligations but don’t expect too much of yourself either. Life goes on and you can’t just leave everything behind. But don’t exhaust yourself; have compassion and be understanding with yourself.

Take good care of yourself and love yourself. Take care of yourself, go to the hairdresser, buy yourself nice things, get a massage. Spoil yourself and love yourself, you are what matters most.

Start a new chapter: life goes on, this is not the end. In the book of your life, this relationship is just another chapter. In time, it will not hurt you any more and will be just another memory.

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