What is a Gemini woman like? Maybe you know yourself!

In short: spontaneous, sometimes a little selfish, but also very, very likeable.

You always know when the Gemini woman is about to enter the room, because she’s the one who goes from group to group to join in on every conversation. Then, of course, she’s also the one who flies on as soon as the topic becomes uninteresting to her.

What he needs is provocation, fun and challenge. He is the one who asks the questions that no one else dares to ask, and in a way that no one else dares to ask them. He just devours the answers, then picks himself up and moves on. But it’s not because he’s no longer interested in what you have to say, it’s because he’s changed his mind and found something new to interest him.

He’s that fickle. Not that he knows that about you. He’s like a snowflake, sometimes a little fake, but always endlessly curious. You never know which version you’ll get at any given moment. And he never apologizes for being too selfish. It lives only for the moment and is completely unpredictable. No one ever knows when the wind will change, not even himself. So we can always enjoy the moment with him, which of course doesn’t last forever.

The Gemini woman always listens to her wits and when she hurts someone, she can only understand it intellectually, although inside she struggles to be able to really feel the pain of the other.

She uses words as a weapon – for good and for evil. His mind is as sharp as his tongue, and he loves to hone both.

What can be extremely frustrating is that the Gemini woman is extremely charming. You may often feel like drowning her in a spoonful of water, but as a true chameleon who can turn on a dime and melt into anyone’s skin, you’ll always forgive her. And this happens all the time, while he has no idea how hard he is working to make his environment happy. Luckily, he loves to travel, so you can feel his absence sometimes. Otherwise, life with him is very exciting, but admittedly, it could be less exhausting.

His approach to life, love, work, family is always playful and light. When something is too difficult, too intense, the Gemini woman is not the type to get stuck in a situation. But when you’re ready to get off the bottom, she’ll be the one to lift you to the sky.

The Gemini woman loves to flirt. But be careful never to smother her with your love, or she’ll be like a little kid. It’s best to let her figure out what she really wants. If you leave him alone, he’ll tell you what he wants without a problem.

But the responsibility is not his to take. He likes to outsource everything, which gets too involved in the details because he only sees the “big picture”. He is a true visionary and a great planner. The problem is that he likes to run several projects in parallel, which can sometimes be a bit of a strain.

You might think she’s a crazy woman. It’s true: she’s impulsive and not easy going by nature and as changeable as the weather. But on the other hand, she is spontaneous, fearless and open. She can bring out the best and the worst in you, and in the curved mirror she holds up to you, you can even see what you never wanted to see.

Life with a Gemini woman is never boring and never easy. You have to be prepared for it. But the good news is, it’s worth it. The secret is to draw the line at the beginning… then you just have to stick to it.