How to prevent that man from playing with your feelings of love

  • Womanizers will pretend to attract your feelings quickly.

At first, just to get your attention, just to get you interested in them, they will call every night. They will try to be present in your life most of the time. For example with messages all day long and maybe they will fall asleep with you on the phone during their long night conversations.

All that attention from the man you like feels very flattering. But it’s possible that it’s just a sham. When a man doesn’t love a woman, he can only pretend to win her over. His love harassment is nothing more than making you think about him.

He calls you and sends positive and flattering messages so often that you get used to it. Suddenly he stops calling you and you miss him, you may now call him yourself. If you do he will realize that he has you eating out of his hand.

If you like this man and want to keep him around, you will have to wait a while. Start by not letting the calls go on for more than an hour. You can also avoid answering some calls or answering his messages immediately. The objective is to avoid creating a routine.

  • Womanizers love to give affectionate nicknames.

The shortest distance to a woman’s heart is affection. Therefore, a womanizer man will look for an affectionate word to create a romantic atmosphere during your conversations. The goal is to work his way into your heart and make you feel more attracted to him.

Some guys are very adept at treating the woman they like with a lot of affection. etc., are things that many women like to hear as their nickname of affection.

If this is what your suitor does, pay attention and be more careful with this type of man. It would be good for you to get to know better the body language of a man who is truly in love.

One way to avoid a man playing games with you is to identify exaggerated flattery and delicacy of speech. Keep in mind that what counts are his actions.

  • A man who wants to play with your feelings will shower you with compliments.

When a man does not love a woman but wants to possess her, he will shower her with compliments. For example, he will say nice things to you like, Pretty girl, you always look beautiful. Even on your worst days he will tell you, you look beautiful, you look great, but his actions will tell you otherwise.

Women like it when you are affectionate with her, but you must differentiate words from attitude. A compliment can make you feel good about yourself, plus it will increase your confidence with that person. But be careful about going a step further in that kind of relationship.

To prevent a man from playing games with you, learn to differentiate attitudes from promises.

  • When a man wants to play games, he will tell you victim stories about his life.

This type of man might tell you something like “women hurt me in the past”. They will share their victim feelings so that you will sympathize with them, comfort them and feel affection for them. Keep in mind that playing the victim is a way of playing with people’s feelings.

They will get very sentimental telling you how they were affected by being played with in the past. They will also tell you that they know how you feel. It is likely that they have indeed had their hearts broken in the past and so they do the same with their partners.

They will also say that they have changed, that most of their disappointments were because they behaved like womanizers, but not anymore. “Now all I want is to meet someone who will take care of me.” This is how they get women to want to comfort them, support them and be there for them.

To prevent a man from playing with you in this way, value what that man brings to your life.

  • They like to say that “they will treat you better and that they will never hurt you”.

Women feel very good when their partner shows them tenderness, they are very vulnerable to affection. When a man takes care of them, they begin to think that he is the love of their life.

In order not to let yourself be manipulated by these affectionate expressions of words, take your time. Observe how he acts, because who really loves is coherent between what he says, thinks and does.

Keep in mind that just because a guy says he will treat you well doesn’t mean he will keep his promise in the future. That way you can prevent a man from playing games with you.

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