How do you know a woman is not interested?

Imagine this scene: you walk into a box and a woman has been making eyes at you for hours. A situation that can happen to anyone. But the rub is that you are not interested in her at all. Yet she keeps looking all over the room for you. She’s even found a way to talk to you. One thing’s for sure, you’re having the most catastrophic night in the history of parties. Can you feel how embarrassing it is? How annoying is it? And that’s exactly what happens when you’re trying to seduce a woman when she’s not interested in you.

Whether you are a great seducer or a very charismatic man, you probably don’t attract all women. Indeed, since tastes are not the same, it is quite possible that you will please some women but have no effect on others. You will therefore have to find techniques to differentiate between those who are interested in you and those who are not. And contrary to what you may think, this kind of thing can be felt miles away. Provided of course you know the signs that show that she wants you to stop hitting on her.

1- She will look for all the ways not to go out with you

This first sign is undoubtedly the easiest to detect. If a woman is really interested in you, she will look for all the means to free herself when you ask her out. And even if she is not available, she will always find a compromise to see you. You know the rest. If a woman is not interested in you, she will always find excuses to avoid going out with you. At the end of the third rejected proposal, you have to face the facts. Concretely, this technique is the one used by women who really don’t want to say no to your invitation (so as not to hurt your feelings), but who try to make you understand in a subtle way that you have to stop holding on.

2- She always brings up the subject of “ex-boyfriend” again and again.

If this woman keeps harping on her past, on her old love stories, on her happiness with her ex-boyfriend, on her difficulty in getting back on track, it’s a sign. Indeed, all women know that men don’t like it when they talk about their exes. For her, it is therefore the best way to tell you indirectly that she is not interested in building a relationship with you. Or at least, depending on how she introduces the discussion, she can also let you know that you’re no match for these former lovers. Yes, I admit it, some women will not intentionally tell you about their exes. Except that no one without common sense will do so on the first (and even the second) date.

3- She is very active on the dating site after the first date.

Why will she be very active again on the site after your first appointment? It’s simple, because she wasn’t satisfied with your meeting. To help you understand, I’ll show you a pictorial example. You are very hungry, you enter a pastry shop and you take all the little mouth-watering delicacies. You eat them and leave no crumbs. So why would you go to another bakery after that and buy the same cakes again? Because you’re still hungry! Even if you had a great night, but the next day you notice that she has changed her profile picture on the site or added more information, it’s because she’s not full yet. So don’t waste your time. She doesn’t even need to give you explanations, because it’s obvious.

4- She says she has a crush on another man

It doesn’t matter if it’s a lie or the truth, if a woman tells you she has a crush on another man, she has no intention of trying a story with you. Worse, if she tells you she wants to get back together with her ex, you have to run away right away. A woman who is interested in you will never make that kind of comment. And let me tell you that if you insist with her, you will enter directly into the friend zone. If you continue to make advances to her, she will interpret the signs differently. In the field of seduction, there is indeed a step between “future boyfriend” and “best friend for life”. So be careful, because if you close your eyes to such an obvious sign, you will fall into a hellish circle.

5- She comes with her friends

The first mistake is to think that she wants something serious if she introduces you to her friends. It’s true that at some point it’s essential to know the people around her, but not on the first date. Normally, the first meeting is an intimate one. This is when you get to know each other. Certainly, some women wait for their best friend’s approval to take the plunge, but not in this way. By inviting her friends, she is looking for a way to not be alone with you. Unfortunately, this is not a good sign.

6- She doesn’t talk too much

If she answers your questions in a very brief way such as: “Yes, I like” or “No, I’m not a fan”, without going any further, it’s because she doesn’t feel like talking. As I said earlier, the first date is an important step, because it is the one that allows you to get an idea of the other. An interested woman will want to know more details about you. On the contrary, a woman who is not interested will simply answer yes or no to your questions.

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