How do I make sure he doesn’t cheat on me?

All wives have the same intuition when their husbands cheat on them. It’s like a little voice telling them to be careful because someone is trying to steal their halves. When you feel that your man is unfaithful, it is perfectly normal that you want to ease your conscience by discovering the truth. Be aware that there can be many reasons why a man might betray his wife. To find out if he is really cheating on you, there are always signs that show it. Whether or not he is cheating on you, the important thing is to always trust each other to make your relationship last.

Intuition: Women’s famous ally

Among men, this famous intuition is better known as their instinct. It is a sensation that we feel and that puts us in reserve or incites us to act, to do, to believe. Female intuition is quite active, especially when it comes to reading signs and/or behaviors. It is by this means that the woman senses her partner’s infidelity. Unfortunately (or fortunately), these suspicions are usually without proof and the man denies them. Despite his denial, the woman still feels betrayed. And it is at this point that the desire to investigate whether he is really faithful or whether he is leading a double life arises. When it comes to infidelity, the first thing that comes to mind is always snooping on his phone.

Behavioural changes that betray him

You don’t need to search your phone, there are many external signs that can give you a clue. At least wait to see if he shows the signs before going far. Remember that by asking yourself questions about your spouse’s infidelity, you’re running towards the destruction of your relationship. Here are the signs that may give him away:

He is more and more absent at home: leading a double life also implies a double attention. This means that when he is absent, he is certainly with the other woman. You must then keep an eye out for an abrupt change in his schedule. Sometimes he asks someone close to him to cover his outings on the sly or he uses his work as an excuse.

He is less attentive with you: a double attention also means that one is more spoiled than the other by spending more time with her. As a result, he cares less about his wife’s happiness, as he is so focused on his lover’s happiness.

You find traces of his unfaithfulness and he finds unfounded, even improbable excuses for it: the unfaithful man always tends to become overconfident. Unconsciously, he will then leave traces, a small piece of evidence. When you talk to him about it, he will invent a dubious excuse. These traces can be: a feminine perfume on his clothes, a trace of lipstick…

He avoids leaving his phone lying around: in case of infidelity, the man becomes suspicious and hides his phone. He does this out of instinct, for fear that his wife might get a message or call notification… He silences the phone and puts it on a lock code.

He is always on the defensive: he often criticizes and reproaches you. He yells at you for anything and everything. The truth is that he has something to blame himself for. He feels vulnerable and that’s why he gets defensive.

He changes his habits: he takes better care of himself: facial care, beard, hairstyle… He changes his clothing style to please his lover more. He may also develop a taste for an activity that was previously uninteresting to him.

He hides inexplicable expenses from you: it could be flowers that you have never received, a hotel room, a restaurant… Extra-marital affairs are very expensive and this can greatly affect your couple financially. Sooner or later, her expenses will come out in the open, and you will discover at the same time her affair and the state of her finances.

Do you have to search your phone?

Even if the betrayal has indeed taken place, it is strongly discouraged to search one’s spouse’s phone. Even if you have difficulty maintaining your confidence in him, it is best to avoid (unless you have prepared for the worst). You will inevitably come across a message, a photo, a name, a number … that may irritate you. You can then risk a misplaced jealousy attack. Especially if your man surprises you, he will react badly to the fact that you don’t trust him. This can be a source of argument that is best dismissed. For a relationship to last, trust must be built. By discovering you, rummaging through his phone, you destroy his secret garden and at the same time his confidence in you. Just like women, men also have their own little secrets that they prefer to keep to themselves. Remember also that if he does the same thing, you will also take it badly. Once you try, you’ll keep trying and find it hard to stop. That’s why it’s best to stay wise and leave your phone in its place.

Possible reasons why he might cheat on you

All the women who have been cheated on by their husbands have all asked themselves: << Why? >>. The main reasons men are unfaithful are:

Lack of happiness in the couple: When there is too much frustration in the couple, it is perfectly normal for one or the other to look for an escape route. Many men misunderstand the mood changes in women. They don’t know how to deal with nervous breakdowns, bouts of sadness, etc. They prefer to take refuge in other women who are less aggressive and more attentive with them. You must therefore understand that you may be the source of their infidelity. Perhaps you behave badly enough towards him and tend to yell at him. Or maybe you’re too affected by depression and sadness, and it’s affecting him a lot. Beyond that, there can be many other sources of conflict in a couple. For example, the relationship with the in-laws, sharing of tasks, money, raising children, etc.

The irresistible desire to please women: have you ever heard of compulsive seduction? It is completely normal for a person to want to please others. But when seduction satisfies her self-confidence, she becomes compulsive. In addition to the lack of self-esteem, it is a psychological disorder characterized by: the need for recognition, the need to be valued and reassured about one’s image, or an uneasiness.

What it is necessary to do to make it faithful

The first thing you need to do to regain your man is to restore trust between you. The more you investigate him and go through his stuff, the more you push him to make mistakes. It takes trust and freedom in your relationship to keep him around. Be careful, this still implies limits. You still need to show him that you are a strong woman and he will respect you. You just have to respect each other’s individual activities. Keeping him doesn’t mean keeping him to yourself either; he also has friends and family to visit from time to time. To solidify a love relationship, it is also necessary to do common activities and projects (travel, sports, buying a house… or even children). Seduction is also the fatal weapon to keep him faithful. Yes, you must continue to seduce him by taking care of yourself. Why not use a little trick sometimes: make-up, pretty dress … Not only will it please him, but it will also do you good. For the one who likes to seduce women, it is necessary to compliment him so that he regains self-confidence and regains value.

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