A morning routine… that goes off the rails

Shower, breakfast, schoolbag… As an organized mom, you follow a morning routine to save time and efficiency. But today, everything has gone off the rails.

It’s one of those mornings when everything goes wrong. By the time the alarm clock went off, you already knew. You were a little cranky and after a week’s vacation, getting back to the morning routine on a school day was not easy. The kids woke up late, brushed their teeth while running and swallowed their breakfast in the car. Instead, they spilled their breakfast in the car. Yes, one of those mornings when everything goes wrong.


However, nothing serious has happened. But as a good mother, you would like everything to work to the letter. Except that it’s enough for your head to be elsewhere for the fragile balance of the morning routine to collapse. And as long as you’re tired, angry, hungry (delete as appropriate), the slightest little annoyance takes on disproportionate proportions. Don’t worry, we’ve all experienced this in our lives as moms. Whatever the reason, we’ve all experienced one of those mornings, one of those days.


In such circumstances, the advice of psychologists, parenting experts or blogging guru is pretty much the same: exercise, meditate, slow down. Don’t rush your little ones, adopt their rhythm. Limit distractions but don’t put off the most unpleasant tasks until later. Be forgiving to yourself. After all, what does it matter if neighbors heard you barking at the kids because their socks were mismatched?

Take deep breaths and remember, it’s just a bad time to go! You’ve had worse, haven’t you?

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