9 activities to do as a cheap couple

1/ Going to the ice rink

(Re)Discover the joys of skating hand in hand with your sweetheart. But watch out for falls! Cover yourself warmly without forgetting the gloves, and get crazy on the ice! Some rinks organize events on a regular basis, such as foam parties, one more reason to go with your darling.

2/ Participate in a fruit/vegetable harvest

Some farms open to the public offer fruit picking throughout the year. You will have the opportunity to leave with your small basket of freshly hand-picked fruit: an activity in a bucolic setting with your lover that will please even the most gourmet! 

 3/ Visit a zoo

Travel together at low cost and discover the fauna and flora from the four corners of the world! Some zoos are even free, so don’t hesitate to ask!

 4/ Go to the fair

And to gorge themselves on candy apples carelessly !!! Finally, we advise you not to do it too much if you plan to ride the rides…

5/ Going out to the theater, to the opera

Long live cultural outings! For the youngest among us, there are more than affordable prices, and then, dressing in very chic clothes to go to the opera, and taking oneself for a high society couple for the time of an evening, it’s a lot of fun!

 6/ Cooking for lovers

Discover the joys of communal cooking ! Followed by the joys of communal dishes, of course ! An idea for a dish ? The common pizza; each one his half, each one his ingredients ! It’s up to you to make the most succulent combination ! 

 7/ Shopping together at the market

No the market is not reserved for the old people! Walk hand in hand among the fresh vegetables, and the vendors at the auction, and do some good little shopping as a lover!

8/ Do a flea market, a garage sale, a flea sale

Stroll through old buildings and other curiosities, just for the joy of being with your sweetheart and going on a treasure hunt together!

9/ Go to a concert/festival

Some concerts and festivals are more than affordable, don’t hesitate to inquire and share a good time with your partner to the rhythm of the music!


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