8 keys, how to know if your partner still loves you as before, attitudes, etc.

  • When there is love, it shows every day

When a man loves you in silence his love for you is expressed with his attitude every day. No matter how busy he is, he always has details for you.

If you ask your partner, “do you love me?” he will say yes, but how has his attitude changed? At the beginning he was full of attention, you felt that he loved you. Is he/she still like that?

How to know if your partner still loves you as before? Let’s see the 7 things to know if your boyfriend loves you:

  1. He cares and takes measures for your safety
  2. You are a pillar for his smallest decisions
  3. He always tells you intimate matters
  4. Whenever he talks about his future, you are there for him
  5. He always wants you to be there for him, he shows you off
  6. He always makes you feel special
  7. He never criticizes you for something you do wrong, but rather motivates you.
  • How to know if your girlfriend loves you: She likes to spend time with you

The best way to know if your partner really loves you is the time he/she spends with you. Behavior, not words, is what offers a real sign of his or her feelings.

If you really love a person, it is normal to want to spend time with them. Words alone are never a sign of love. If your partner really loves you, he/she will spend time with you.

We all have to work and attend to other commitments, but when you love, you make time wherever you can. The quality time that your partner dedicates to you is the best indication that he/she loves you.

  • One way to know if your partner loves you: He/she asks you, how was your day?
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How to know if your partner doesn’t love you as much as he used to:

  1. He or she is no longer as affectionate or has time for you.
  2. He doesn’t talk about the future and doesn’t include you in his plans.
  3. He is not interested in your problems and has no more details for you.
  • He blames you, makes excuses and lies to you.

Attitudes are the best way to know if your partner still loves you. Love is built day by day with practical details.

You might not be that romantic, but if you love your partner, you want him or her to be better every day. You take an interest in what’s going on with him or her, what he or she thinks and feels. And you share what is yours.

  • How to know if your partner really loves you: Trust yourself.

Honesty in a couple is the basis for its growth. It’s not about who your partner is, it’s about who you are. If you love you, you will strive to be honest.

How do you know if your partner loves you or is using you to his or her advantage? When there is no trust, half-truths, secrets and suspicions arise.

If you feel that your partner does not love you, do not blame him/her, it is also your responsibility. Face it from your strength, from love, love yourself, be happy. That way you may be able to turn things around.

Without trust, there is no relationship that lasts. Don’t look at your partner, look at yourself, when did it all start? Does he/she fulfill what he/she promises? Do you keep your promises?

  • How to know if your partner still loves you: It helps you when you need it.
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The best way to know if your partner loves you or is habit is how much he/she is in your life. It doesn’t matter if he/she tells you how much he/she loves you if he/she is not there when you need him/her.

Love is a day to day construction without looking at how the other person does it, but looking at ourselves. Learn to be happy by your own actions and not by those of your partner.

It makes no sense to sell our time to get money and abandon the main thing, our love relationship. Small daily attentions are worth more than a big birthday gift.

  • How to know if your partner really loves you: Respect your opinions.

Your partner doesn’t have to have the same tastes as you. One day you can go out to dinner and have differences on whether to eat pasta or seafood.

Love is about keeping the focus on going out to have a good time. Differences are an excuse to increase communication, tolerance and respect.

How to know if your partner really loves you? How do you know if your partner still loves you as before? Observe how much you give in, tolerate and respect the differences between you.

Each of you must learn to respect and value the other’s opinions. Your partner can be wrong, but it is not to belittle or disrespect him/her.

  • How to know if your boyfriend loves you or not: He includes you in his decisions.

The best way to know that your partner really loves you is to observe how present you are in his thoughts. If he includes you in his smallest decisions, he still loves you.

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It is important for each of you to maintain your independence. But there are decisions where your partner’s opinion is important.

In reality, all decisions affect the partner, but you can decide by taking into account his or her tastes. But even asking just to know what he/she thinks is a nice touch of love.

How to know if your partner still loves you as before? If he/she includes you in all his/her decisions with money, he/she loves you. Money is the one that gives more conflicts in a couple.


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