Trust is paramount in any relationship, but more so in a long-distance relationship. Without it, your relationship is doomed to failure. Before you start, make sure you can trust your partner completely and that the feeling is mutual.

Surprise visit
Choose the right moment and surprise your partner with your presence. Be sure to tell someone close to him or her so that they can see the details and make sure everything goes as planned.

Write letters
A phone call or text message is always nice, but nothing beats a handwritten letter. Send yourself letters in the mail to change the pace of your correspondence. They will also make a pleasant memory to keep.

Keep a souvenir
A sweater, a blanket, a pillow… Keep something special that belongs to your boyfriend or girlfriend and that smells like it. You will be able to carry or hold this object close to you when it becomes too heavy to carry.

Follow a countdown
Many applications allow you to create a countdown timer. Use one to count down the days until your next meeting. This will create excitement in the good times and give you hope in the bad times.

Make an appointment
Daily video call sessions are not necessary. The means of communication are numerous. Keep in touch daily through text messages, social networks, phone calls and emails. Then, make an appointment for a video call once or a few times during the week to share a precious moment.

Have fun online
If you can’t do activities together, take part in online games. No matter what your interests are, there are applications for everyone. This method will allow you to have fun together despite the distance and keep a connection other than by sharing messages.

Surprise package
If your budget allows it, send your friend a surprise package. Pay attention to the details and fill your package with beautiful thoughts that will please the other. No need to spend too much, the items should be practical and of interest to the recipient.

Explore your independence
Take advantage of this time away from your partner to spend time with yourself. Work on certain aspects of your personality if necessary. Focus on your career, your studies, your platonic relationships. Do activities on your own. Spend more time with your friends.

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