10 surefire signs that you have a jealous partner.

  • He/she needs to spend all the time with you.

It’s completely natural for your partner to want to spend time with you. The problem starts when you can’t have time for yourself.

Relationships must “breathe” and they can only do so by distancing themselves. I’m not implying that you should distance yourselves from each other altogether, just that you each make time to be with yourself and your social circle.

The moment you feel that your partner should be 100% of the time with you and that he/she even gets upset when you tell him/her that you are going to be with someone else; it is time to set the record straight because it is very possible that he/she is a potential problem.

  • Asks you to justify all the spaces where they are not.

Many people are unfaithful, I know. However, that doesn’t mean you have to explain and excuse yourself for being somewhere without your partner.

Trust is the backbone of any relationship and as long as you manage a balance between the time you spend with and without your partner, your partner cannot pretend that it is an obligation for you to always be together.

In a healthy relationship, good communication is enough. If possible, let him/her know where you are going to be and with whom. And if you commit to arriving at a certain time, stick to it.

This is the only way to build the trust you need to enjoy your space, without your partner feeling that he or she has to be on top of you.

  • Question your friendships.

You’re looking for clues to know if your partner is jealous, so pay close attention to this sign.

One of the most common but less obvious ways is that your partner starts to over-question your friends. And he does it with the clear objective that you start to doubt them and that it is “your decision” to stop sharing time with them.

If you don’t notice it will seem very natural. So pay attention to whether their criticisms are exaggerated or malicious. If so, talk to your partner and try to address the trust gaps.

  • He accuses you of cheating all the time.

This is a typical sign of a jealous partner. They think they can control your actions through psychological blackmail.

The goal is clear: To force you to be with your partner at all times to prove that you are faithful. That’s wrong!

Do your best to talk and set boundaries where trust can exist. Otherwise, it is very possible that this relationship that started out rosy will become completely toxic.

  • Check your cell phone.

Apart from being disrespectful, it is a completely obvious sign of lack of trust.

If this is the case, talk to your partner. At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose (I hope you do). Let him check it out and make it clear to him that you don’t like that. Tell him in a loving way the nice things you decided to be by his side for and that it makes you sad that mistrust tarnishes all the good things about the relationship.

  • Dissect your publications.

If your partner enters your social networks to examine step by step what you do and don’t do to make claims, you should put an end to that.

Do you remember that saying “he who seeks finds”? In this case it is completely true. Any like or comment you make, can be the beginning of an “unbelievable story” where you are unfaithful and your partner is the victim.

  • You become emotionally dependent.

This is another one of the most obvious signs of jealous partners involving emotional blackmail. And you will identify it because they want you to believe that their emotions depend exclusively on you.

So you can’t go out or get away from your partner because they automatically feel sad and want to make you feel guilty for their “bad situation”.

  • He wants to control everything you do.

This goes beyond controlling who you go out with and goes to the levels where they don’t even want to let you use your cell phone or what you watch on TV.

A jealous partner lives thinking that their insecurities are your reality. That is to say that they are afraid that you will see attractive celebrities and that you will compare them with him/her. To the point that they think that just because of that detail, you will decide to leave her/him for not being “good” enough.

  • Over compensate “their attitude” by being more affectionate.

It is very nice for our partner to be affectionate. That is undeniable. However, when it is “guilt affection” it does not bring anything good.

Affection is an honest demonstration that expects nothing in return. And if your partner is affectionate with you because he knows he is acting badly, you should talk about it.

It doesn’t do any good for him to treat you well because he knows he’s over-protecting you to the point of being overwhelming.

  • When you talk to someone on the phone they need to know all the details.

If a person is unfaithful they can and schedule all their encounters with another person over the phone. That’s your partner’s fear and that’s why they need to know everything you talk and don’t talk about.

But if you are not unfaithful and have given no compelling reasons for your partner to think you are; you must make things clear and explain to him/her that you need your space.

Otherwise, it’s very difficult for the relationship to work. Not just your relationship…any other.

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