10 incredible benefits of exercising as a couple.

  • Increases emotional bonding.

When you work out with your partner it creates the opportunity to work in sync. You create the space to coordinate your actions. For example, if you run together, you will run at the same pace; or if you follow an exercise program, you will do the same movements.

This succession of movements creates a non-verbal bond by mimicking each other’s actions. That bond helps people feel emotionally attuned. Those who experience it tend to feel closer to their partner.

  • They will have a common goal.

To be happy, couples must be able to pursue their own goals. And each should support the other to achieve those individual goals that will make them feel proud of themselves.

However, it is even better if both are striving for a common goal. That’s why another great benefit of exercising as a couple is that it allows you to have a goal to achieve together.

Whether it’s looking good, improving your fitness or staying healthy; exercising together will give you the opportunity to support and help each other.

A study published by JAMA Internal Medicine showed that people are more likely to make a positive change in their health behavior if their partner does too.

Love is not just looking at each other, but looking in the same direction.

  • It maintains physical attraction.

Although it would be correct to say that “it’s what’s on the inside that matters”, we must be realistic. We care about the physical, both men and women. We prefer to have someone attractive by our side and we have to accept it.

There is nothing wrong with that, it is simply a reality. In fact, weight gain has been seen as one of the main reasons for divorce; it results in a lack of physical attraction.

Couples who care about their fitness and appearance maintain attraction and therefore increase the chances of having a long and lasting relationship.

  • Ensure that you have quality time with your partner.

As time goes on, work, children and obligations end up getting in the way of couples; limiting or even completely negating their time together.

For some couples, finding time alone together becomes impossible. Despite having the best intentions, it is very common that something unexpected happens and that “long-awaited date” has to be postponed.

However, exercising as a couple ensures that you have an hour or two to spend quality time with the one you love. If you are disciplined about exercise and already have a daily routine, why not share it with your partner?

  • It’s a way to release stress.

Every relationship has moments of tension. Stress levels as an individual and as a couple go up and down constantly.

Work, family, children, everything gets in the way and someone has to take charge and take responsibility. Maintaining a relationship at the speed we live in today is not easy.

Stress comes from everywhere, even from the person you love. However, exercise can be the cure.

The endorphins released during exercise help improve mood, decrease tension and help you sleep better. Concentrating on exercise relieves stress by focusing on the task at hand.

If your partner is the cause of your stress, exercising together can help you develop a deeper connection that can open the door to a more robust post-workout conversation.

  • Generate healthy competition between the couple.

Competing with your partner can be a fun game and a way to create a healthy rivalry; which could lead you to set higher goals for yourselves.

Additionally, you will feel that you are with a person who pushes you to do better, making you feel proud of both yourself and your partner. This can activate the spark in the relationship and improve aspects such as intimacy.

Challenge your partner, it will add some excitement to your workouts and keep good chemistry between you.

  • Improve your workouts.

Healthy competition between you will make you work harder and harder to get better results. Without realizing it, your partner’s presence during workouts can be a fantastic way to increase your energy and therefore work more efficiently.

Your partner is probably stronger or more skilled at certain exercises. Take advantage and learn from him or her to improve your daily routines.

If you are a woman, don’t think that a man will always be better than you. You might be surprised to learn that women can outperform men in many disciplines. Not everything is strength, flexibility, technique and endurance can play in your favor.

  • Improves intimacy.

It seems that the release of endorphins due to exercise brings great benefits at bedtime (not properly to sleep ?).

In men, regular exercise seems to be a natural Viagra. It is associated with a lower risk of circulatory problems and an increase in the frequency of intimate encounters.

In women, it has been found that those who are physically active report greater desire, arousal and satisfaction than women who are sedentary.

If the release of endorphins helps increase your desire, imagine the benefits it would bring to your relationship.

  • It motivates you to keep exercising.

Working out as a team will always be a source of motivation. You are not only making an effort for yourself, but also for the person who accompanies you.

That’s why another benefit of exercising as a couple is that it increases the likelihood of following and maintaining an exercise plan.

It is very common to start exercising and then become unmotivated. However, doing it together keeps you motivated. Your partner will be your competition, your support and also your conscience.

Since you both have a common goal, you will work together to achieve it both during your workout and at mealtimes. You will both seek to eat the right way and follow good habits.

  • It will push you to try new things.

Trying new things is key to keeping the relationship dynamic and avoiding monotony. Seeking and practicing activities together will unite you infinitely.

Whether it’s yoga, kick boxing classes or even going for a jog together; exercising as a couple will keep you looking for activities to fuel those goals of looking good, staying healthy and of course enjoying the relationship.

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