7 good reasons why it doesn’t really matter what other people think of you

All too often, we give others the power to influence our state of mind. This leads us to undervalue ourselves or miss out on opportunities that could actually be remarkably beneficial. We should never let anyone dictate our emotions.

If you’ve ever felt the need to put yourself down or hold back because of someone else’s opinion, this article is for you.

Here are 7 reasons why it doesn’t matter what other people think of you:

  1. No one knows you better than you know yourself.

This is the first and most obvious reason we’ll cover. Remember this: no-one knows more about who you are, your life experiences and the reasons behind your preferences than you do.

Other people will always be inclined to judge you, but let them. It doesn’t matter what they think of you. Remember this, “Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.”

  1. You’ll never please everyone.

That’s a fact of life. With over 7 billion people on this planet, it’s impossible to please everyone.

After all, you are a human being, with genuine feelings and emotions, and your own satisfaction must be your priority. Other people’s expectations can wait, because the most important thing is you.

  1. The happier you are, the more jealous people you’ll notice in your life.

We’ve all encountered hateful people at some point in our lives. These people are jealous of your happiness and success. Whether they are described as manipulative, narcissistic or enemies, they tend to make excessive judgements about others while neglecting their own development.

It is essential to cultivate a positive relationship with yourself, to work on your own growth, and not to worry about what others think of you or your self-esteem.

  1. What’s good for you isn’t always good for others

People often tend to express their opinions on how we should live our lives. What they don’t realise is that we’re all different. What may work for someone else may not work for us.

We are unique individuals, having had extremely particular experiences on this extraordinarily diverse planet. You know yourself better than anyone else and you know what works for you. Trust your instincts and discernment.

  1. Worrying about what others think of you will create self-sabotage.

The best way to sabotage a project or stifle your creativity is to worry about what other people think. If you’re constantly obsessing about others instead of focusing on your own efforts, you’ll create stressful distractions for yourself that will sabotage your project. This is not beneficial. Focus on yourself and your own goals if you want to achieve them.

  1. We only have one life, so why on earth should we waste it worrying about what other people think of us?

Be authentic, live the best life you can, spread kindness wherever you can and honestly, forget what others might think. Your happiness is in your hands, not theirs.

  1. We all have problems

You know, people don’t care about you as much as you think. Sure, you might get a few stares if you wear a daring outfit or sing your favourite song out loud in a shop, but the truth is, people don’t care. Their lives are occupied by the same concerns as yours, and we’re all too absorbed in solving our own problems anyway.

Who knows, by being carefree, you might even bring a smile to someone’s face. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to love yourself, while passing on love to others?