How To Apply Make-up While Doing Sport: All The Tips For Perfect Athleisure Make-up

Feel like wearing make-up while exercising but don’t know how? Check out all the tips for swimming-pool, gym, snowboarding slopes and more.

Doing make-up for physical activity can be a real challenge: sweat, heat, cold, bad weather and even water can be major obstacles to overcome, often causing us to give up on our initial goal and end up preferring bare, loose skin. On the other hand, however, athleisure make-up, i.e. make-up for every athletic performance, has become a viable alternative for those days when we feel like wearing make-up – why not – even while doing sport.

So what are the necessary characteristics a make-up must have to be suitable for sporting activity? Read on to find out all our tips on the subject!

The number one rule for perfect make-up in the gym or, in any case, while doing sport, is to reduce products to the bone. Limit yourself to a series of effective, over-performing essentials rather than layering too many and getting a cakey, short-lasting result. Choose something light for the base (concealer, bb cream), a blush, mascara and at most a tinted lip balm for a super-natural no-makeup that doesn’t mark the face.

To make sure your make-up lasts longer and stays intact throughout your workout, always use a primer! In this specific case, perhaps the most suitable type of primer for sporting activity is one that mattifies and has a mattifying action: this way, even while you’re sweating, you’ll keep the greasiness of your skin at bay and avoid excessive shine.

Opt for a very light and silky base: avoid foundation and opt instead for a BB cream or simply concealer applied to strategic areas. Other ideal formulas include tinted creams such as Dr.Jart’s Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment, tinted serums such as Ilia’s and hybrid formulas such as Chanel’s Les Beiges Touche De Teint and Rose Inc.’s Skin Enhance Luminous Tinted Serum.

If the choice is between a powder blush or a cream blush, always go for the cream blush: its ‘buttery’ texture is perfect for blending into the skin without leaving unwanted smudges or streaks and, overall, it will ‘stay in place’ even as you sweat, giving you a naturally luminous complexion without bringing out the shine.

An on-the-go product to use whenever you feel the need to give your face a quick mattify (take it from Rihanna at the Super Bowl): do you feel you’re too shiny, especially in the T-zone? Make a quick stop and apply powder where you feel you need it. In addition, if you need a little extra help to keep certain areas of make-up perfectly still, set the eye contour area before you leave the house to prevent concealer from getting into the creases of the eye over time.

Whether at the gym, on skis or in the swimming pool, waterproof mascara is the ally you should always have with you. Waterproof mascara is resistant to water from the shower, as well as to chlorinated water from the swimming pool and salt water from the sea thanks to the special ingredients contained within, such as silicones, resins, mineral oils, waxes, polymers and other similar substances that manage to wrap around the lashes, making them waterproof. Say goodbye to annoying under-eye stains and dripping black halos – and hello to voluminous, natural lashes!